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water damage

Forum discussion tagged with water damage.
  1. Jellypickaxe

    Question TL:DR- Water damage, what's broken CPU or motherboard?

    Hi, so before I get into the tale of diagnosis attempts the specs of the build are/were: i5 8600k cooled by a be quiet shadow rock LP GTX 1070 8GB DDR4 Asrock Z370M-ITX/AC Samsung 850 EVO+ Western digital HDDs EVGA 650G Last year I moved house, it turned out to be damp. I left for the...
  2. Sweetsammiches

    Question Water damage help

    I panicked and spilled water on my rig, it doesn’t seem to have reached any major places, only the power button and headphone jacks. I took off the front panel and dried the best I could but now when I turn the pc back on it reached the windows screen but when I put my password in it just says...
  3. Markus15511

    Question Possible damage caused by squirting soda.

    As I don’t know how to insert a picture, I will try to explain what I am concerned about. I opened a bottle of soda next to my desktop which for whatever reason decided to squirt everywhere but luckily not hitting my computer, but my monitor was hit pretty hard, I quickly tried to get remove...
  4. A

    Question Fix Water Damaged GPU

    Is there any way I can fix my water damaged GPU? I spilled water on it while running, powering off the pc. I immediately took the card out, carefully got as much water as I could off, and left it to dry for a couple days. No longer works as intended showing extremely low resolution and green...
  5. A

    Question Water Spill On Graphics Card

    Last night I managed to spill water on my GPU. I spilled a cup on top of my tower and the water leaked through the fan vent right on top of the GPU. The screen turned green and the pc powered down, then tried to power back on. I immediately unplugged the power cord from the power supply and...
  6. N

    Question So uh I think I broke my Mobo with a defective water damaged graphics card

    ❌ No swearing please --- not allowed on these forums! I did the “oven tactic” as a last resort to try to recover my sisters water damaged graphics card I fixed her computer 2 months ago and I don’t want this card to go to waste. Turns out after the oven tactic I assembled it again reapplies...
  7. Techguy416

    [SOLVED] Spat tea on my monitor

    Hello, a little while ago I was watching a video and I don't know what came over me but I spat out my tea while laughing all over my monitor. I didn't think much of it till I noticed that there was water sitting on the bottom of the monitor. My monitor is a Acer Predator so the power, volume...
  8. throwawayaccnt

    [SOLVED] Troubleshoot: Water cooler leaked onto MOBO & into CPU socket, No Boot

    Hey y'all, Bit of a travesty here, noticed my friends PC was running hot (103 celcius!) so I turned it off and did a teardown, noticed the water cooler was low so refilled it a bit, secured everything and stood it upright to see water coolant raining out of the bottom. my friends PC cooler...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] android phone fell in water and doesn't charge

    My Xiaomi pocophone fell in wate for like a second or two, when I took it out speakers were sounding distorted but the charging port was initially fine, I put the phone in rice for approximately 2 hours, then I took it out and speakers were working fine, but as I put it to charge overnight and...
  10. G

    Question Tea spilled on the pc...

    Yeah I know I deserve what I get for even allowing liquid being near my machine... So some tea was spilled on my computer while it was running , I shut it off immidiately and started cleaning components. The computer is working now ( but the hdd feels quite a lot slower than before ) boot up...
  11. Question Mac won't turn on or charge - apparently water damage (with pics)

    Hi My girlfriends Macbook air (early 2015 Intel i5) won't charge. I delivered it to an licenced Apple Service Center in Norway, where they told me water damage was found. They wanted around $1200 to fix it - apparently they had to change "The motherboard, the keyboard and one cable". She says...
  12. Ahmed Fekry Hassan

    [SOLVED] Hp I5 8300H Undervolting

    Hi I bought HP Pavilion Gaming 15 I want to undervolting the processor I5 8300H ، someone told my to do it with value " -190 " What is your advices?
  13. D

    Replacing the c-drive

    I need to change my c drive before it fails. Can I just copy the current drive to a new drive?
  14. R

    How to turn off parental controls

    Website won't allow acess, it says "This website is not allowed Parental control is blocking the content of this website from viewing."
  15. R

    Budget PC for practicing to build

    Hello, Im looking at building a pc but scared to do anything with mine atm incase i break it. Looking for a really cheap one so i can practice to build. Would be kinda of a household pc. Probably dont need a gpu ( and should cut the price)
  16. C

    PC Turns on, USB Ports not working.

    GPU: Geforce GTX 950 2 Gigabyte Video Dedicated Memory CPU: AMD FX-6300 Black Edition (Up to 4.2 GHz) RAM: 8 GB Vengeance DDR3 MOBO: ASRock 960GM-VGS3 FX (http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/960GM-VGS3%20FX/) Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in. I have a slight issue whereby my USB ports do not seem to...
  17. J

    Board for Ryzen

    Good day! I can't decide what motherboard to go with for my Ryzen 5 1600 + Rx 580 build. I know nothing about board specs and I'm going with a mATX. What caught my attention is the MSI B350M mortar and mortar arctic. I find the arctic more good looking plus I'm not a fan of black red combo...
  18. G

    HELP kaby lake build Compatibility Check

    Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Dual-Core Processor ASRock Z270 Killer SLI/ac ATX LGA1151 Motherboard G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler EVGA 600 B1 100-B1-0600-KR 80+ BRONZE 600W Includes FREE Power On Self...
  19. waffleisback

    Will these motherboards mounting holes line up?

    I was wondering if these two motherboards mounting holes will line up. Motherboard 1 Motherboard 2 Thanks.
  20. B

    Looking for second monitor

    Hi, I am currently using Dell S2415H monitor. I planning to get a second monitor. Can somebody guide me on this 1. Should i buy the same model again? 2. Can i get a 27 inch monitor for my 2nd monitor (S2715H preferably ) 3. What other option do i have? Budget around $300. Please kindly...