Question 3 Questions re: Asus rt-acrh13 as repeater to Nokia fiber box


May 22, 2012
OK so sorry for my network N00b Questions but I have a Unique situation that needs to be solved via Forums.

I am an english speaker in Sri Lanka where all the tech people for Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) mostly speak Sinhala.
I mention this as this is why I need community help...

OK here is the situation:
I just upgraded to the SLT fiber line. They supplied a Nokia G-240W-F that has what I am guessing is a Fiber optic connector (very different than the Ethernet I am used to) so I have to use this box to start.
HOWEVER I moved here with an ASUS RT-acrh13 router that I was using in the states. Right now I simply plugged in the Asus into the Nokia and both the 2G and 5G networks are connectable with decent speed.
All I did was connect it with an ethernet cord.

My Goals
  • I would like to use the ASUS to allow others to connect to the wifi so I can both monitor usage on my app and also control and throttle the 2G line when necessary (data usage is an issue here and I only get so much allowance per month)
  • I would like to connect a USB drive to use as a Music Server (something I think is possible with the Asus but no the Nokia however the Nokia does have a USB port but again I don't have admin creds)
My Problems
  1. I do not have the login credentials for the Nokia router
  2. I can not connect to the ASUS router via my web browser on my computer (yes I tried but that brings me to SLT login page which I don't have access to) I can however access the ASUS on my iphone through the Asus app.
  3. I could use some help on how to set up a music server IF / WHEN I can figure out the issues listed above... I am having a hard time finding on doing that in a MacOS environment.
Any tips, help, links or guidance would be much appreciated!


Does the following link provide the User Manual for your Asus RT-acrh13:

My thought is that you can set up the Asus RT as an Access Point.

Here is a link to a TP-Link "How to":

The link (not ASUS or Nokia/SLT) is offered primarily as a general overview of how to set up and configure an access point. Physically and Administratively (IP addresses).

Access the Asus directly and learn your way around the admin screens. Plan out what you need to do and configure.

Plus you should be able to get assistance from SLT with respect to the Nokia (aka Problem #1).

I doubt that you are the first person wishing to add a wireless access point to their home network.

You will need have DHCP off/disabled on the Asus and the Asus should have a static IP address outside of the Nokia's allowed DHCP IP address range.

My expectation is that once the SLT technicians understand what you are trying to do then you will be able to get it all set up.