Question 5700XT poor utilization


Jan 1, 2015
Basically, I just got a XFX 5700XT.
At first after using DDU and getting the latest drivers, I was plagued with constant driver crashes and BSODs galore. After doing some research, I found that uninstalling the driver and using a previous version was the magic fix. Everything was golden until about a few days ago.

For some reason, my GPU utilization will NOT stay consistent. 20-70% spikes in ANY game despite settings, which translates to the core clock speeds stumbling around is that same range. Full ultra to the lowest low changes nothing, fps or otherwise. This is annoying because I have a 1440p 144hz monitor that I love, and before a few days ago, I was smashing 144 fps in every game no problem. But now I have unplayable stuttering and im lucky to break even at 70fps for any length of time (no more than a few seconds). At some points its a slideshow for about 15ish seconds, although this only happens every so often.
One thing I have noticed is that for some games (such as fortnite or realm royale) I get full 99% usage and 144fps in the lobby, but at some point during the loading screen, it just gives up.
I know it has nothing to do with GPU or CPU temps as I have been monitoring those very closely. CPU sits around 40C in game and GPU rests at about 60C, not even close to throttling range.
Ive tried tinkering around in WattMan, but that is about the most useless piece of overclocking software I have ever seen.

One last thing, im not 100% sure but I think Windows did a update around the time the issues came up. I'm not sure but I do remember wondering why I had to sign into my computer (since I never lock it) and that only happens when it restarts.

Full system specs are below:
Ryzen 1700 (Cooled by EVGA CLC)
XFX 5700XT (Current driver is 19.7.5)
16GBs of Ram (3200 MHz Anarchy I think)
500gb Samsung NVMe SSD
1TB Samsung SATA SSD
B350 Tomahawk