Jul 8, 2006
I've bought the 780GM-A and the AMD x2 5000+ B.E.

I've Updated the bios to the latest version the ECS site have for my board. I've got a 500W power supply.
My spec is as followed.

ATI 3870
2 GB ram
X2 5000+ BE (black edition) 2.6 GHZ (default) + Red Orb Cooler

So my problem is I want to Oc my CPU, since it being unlocked and all. So I go into bios and then go into AMD CPU Function, and over clock by 200 x 14 = 2800MHZ at volts 1.45.

So I then save,exit and restart. Now here's the problem the monitor won't turn on but the tower is. So I reset my bios and try again, so I set my Oc to 200 x 13 = 2600 MHZ (stock speed) at 1.40V. Still doesn't turn on.

Now I try to do it the normal way, just up the bus speed so I reach 3.1 GHZ at volts 1.40 and it works. I really want to get the CPU function to work since its far easier than the bus speed. Also I'm quite sure this CPU can reach 3.4GHZ.


Jun 5, 2008
Ok first of all OCing the CPU should not affect the screen whatsoever. Next, check to see if your board has AMD Cool'nQuiet. If so disable that because that can cause some major problems when overclocking.