Jan 13, 2015
Hi here are the list of components that I have.

CPU: a8-5600k
Motherboard: MSI A55m-e33
GPU: MSI gtx 750ti

What I'm trying to do is use my igp and gpu as output for 2 monitors that I have that only has a VGA port. Adapters isn't an option since, dvi-vga is out of stock from where I am. On the other hand VGA to HDMI adapters costs around $30 - $40 here after tax.

Things I did:

1.) Plug both vga to motherboard and gpu, then on BIOS under Integrated Graphics Configuration it is defaulted to PEG but greyed out. Unable to change it to either IGP, Auto, Dual Graphics.

2.) Removed gpu, then plugged second monitor to motherboard. on BIOS was able to change PEG, IGP, Dual Graphics. Selected "Dual Graphics" and Primary Adapter to IGP. Plugged in gpu and main monitor. Went back to BIOS only to find out that it defaulted to the greyed out option to PEG. (Tried alternating monitors, no luck)

3.) Tried my GPU on my mom's athlon 200ge and msi motherboard, was able to successfully setup dual monitor, one running from motherboard and the other from GPU.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Checked online before posting here, wasn't able to get any answers apart from "buying adapters". I badly needed this for my work as I needed to monitor statistics and do a real time report while working on some other reports on another monitor. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!


Mind sharing your specs like so:

You might want to check back with us with the version of BIOS you're on for your motherboard. The option for your graphics card should be set to AUTO, unless ofc you're referring to enabling an disabling the iGPU on the APU...?
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Jan 13, 2015
Hi, here's the specs:

CPU: AMD A8-5600k
Motherboard: MSI A55m-e33
Ram: 8gb ddr3 hyperx
SSD/HDD: 1tb WD Blue
GPU: MSI gtx 750ti 2gb ddr5
PSU: neutron 700w
Chassis: Neutron Colt (just a cheap chassis that I thought that looked good)
OS: Windows 7 64-bit

Here's my BIOS version is V32.4B1. I don't know how to post a picture here. But I agree it should be set to "Auto".

Not sure if you can visualize but the settings I am going into BIOS is:

Settings\Advanced\Integrated Graphics Configuration

Integrated Graphics Devices Configuration
Integrated Graphic Adapter [PEG]

and I am unable to change it, its greyed out. If it is enabling the iGPU isnt this the same path? But I see what you're getting at, is it by enabling iGPU I can then use the second monitor while plugged in on the motherboard? and the main monitor on the GPU?