AGP @ 160mhz and PCI @ 40mhz safe?


Mar 17, 2009
I've got an old P4S800 mobo with the SIS648FX / SIS963L chipsets. I've also got an old Prescott @ 200x15=3000 that I want to OC to 240x15=3600, but the BIOS doesn't have any options like locking AGP/PCI frequency or disabling spread spectrum. Not to mention that I get huge vdroops...

Would it be safe to run this mobo at 240mhz fsb? (quad pumped to 960mhz) That leaves the AGP running at 160mhz and the PCI running at 40mhz. Nothing occupies any of the PCI slots, and I've got a Radeon 9250 on the AGP. There's a tiny little HS on the NB, and no HS on the SB. Both run extremely hot, but I think I can take care of that... Here's a link to the mobo's specs (ASUS already took their page off their site)

Thanks for any help.