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Well, I can say the 5700XT being $450 is lame with ~RTX2070 performance.

That 8pin +6pin does not give me confidence of Navi being the mainstream offering but their failed attempt at high performance... I just hope I'm wrong and they have something more, but damn that price point makes little sense... Could it be the GDDR6????

What makes you say that? That's still $50 less than 2070 MSRP, and $30 than the cheapest 2070 on PCPP at the moment.
You can find good aftermarket ones (already searched for them as soon as they announced the MSRP) and you can find them for ~470. And they come with a dual fan config instead of blower. I know this is more preference, but I'm really keen on not considering blower style coolers "good" anymore for reference designs.

EDIT: I did have a good laugh with the streaming demo though.

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What makes you say that? That's still $50 less than 2070 MSRP, and $30 than the cheapest 2070 on PCPP at the moment.
There are rumors that Nvidia might be releasing some faster versions of their RTX cards, and possibly adjusting prices of existing models, which could make these prices even less attractive. I kind of have to agree that the pricing seems rather underwhelming, especially since we are comparing this against a card that came out 9 months prior. Nvidia's RTX pricing was widely considered to be poor, and this isn't much better. They are showing the 5700 as being around 10% faster than a 2060, but it also costs nearly 10% more. Yawn. It's even possible to find some of the single-fan 2060s on sale for as little as $320 right now, making the 5700's launch pricing closer to 20% higher than those models.

Plus, the RTX cards have hardware to accelerate raytraced lighting effects, even if the performance might be questionable, and support limited. AMD hasn't shown off their own solution for realtime raytracing yet, leading one to suspect performance on their hardware will likely be worse, and probably closer to what we see with the GTX cards, which is to say more or less unusable. If that wasn't the case, I would have fully expected them to show off a preview of raytracing at their presentation, but they seem to not want to focus on that at all.

I guess the 5700 does have more VRAM than a 2060, which is one advantage that might help performance in some future games, but if those games feature raytracing, any of those gains will likely evaporate with that enabled.