Asus 4870 x 2 dell xps 420 help

Leinad Amme

Sep 13, 2009
Hello i have been doing abit of research and soon i'm going to upgrade my gpu at the moment im running the follow specs

q6600 2.4 quad core
4 gigs ram
3870 x 2 1 gig
750 watt tx corsair psu

i am looking to upgrade to a 4870 x 2 and overclock my cpu to 3.0 but my question is i have 2 choices get one of the standerd 4870 x 2 or go for the asus one with the tri fan. the only problem is im not totally sure if it will fit does anyone know if it will or not i have enough space length ways but right above my gpu is the giant xps heatsink and theres little room at all. also it would cover one of the fans which could maybe be a problem any insight please ?

thank you