Question Bad 3090 Performance


Mar 26, 2020
Hey There.
I built a new PC and installed a 3090 FE.
That being said, I have not been getting great performance on the card. It's really starting to irk me because in Squad I get about 80 fps at 2k with most settings maxed, however I believe the low framerate is attributable to the number of players and/or servers themselves (I get considerably better performance on seed servers with ~10 players).

However, I am really frustrated with Outriders and it appears from what I'm reading that people are getting much better performance than myself. At a camp in a jungle environment, with max settings at 2k and DLSS both off or on ultra-performance, I'm getting 110 frames until I start moving, which will drop it to about 80. Framerate is capped at 144 for my monitor. Any thoughts?

Drivers: I used a tool recommended in forums in order to do a completely clean install of drivers and whatnot. The driver updates over the months since I bought the card haven't improved anything.

I don't play too many games, but the fact that I can't seem to hit 144 on any modern demanding games at 2k resolution seems...wrong...


MOBO: MSI x570 Meg Unify
CPU: AMD 3950x
RAM: 32 GB DDR4 at 3600 MHz
SSD: 2.5" Samsung 850 I believe