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  1. noideahowtodothat

    Question UPS recommendations for a 1300watt PSU and 2x3090 System

    Hi, I am a 3D artist living in Mexico. There is frequent powercuts here and I need a battery backup for 2 reason: save my PC from being fried and corrupt files. Run for a few minutes while the power comes back on and hopefully not interrupt renders. Does a UPS exist that can support my...
  2. S

    Question Trouble With Asus Support

    I have an Asus Turbo RTX 3090 which I was cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol and the serial number got wiped. I do have the bill which shows the serial number. The GPU started overheating so i took it to the Asus RMA fecility to get a replacement, the GPU has 2.5 years of warrenty left. They...
  3. M

    Question Laptop vs Desktop? Help please?

    Hello Everyone! Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions! Here is my conundrum: I do travel for work and leisure (wife is European so we head across the pond a few times a year, may relocate there in a year or two). I play really only 4 games WoW, FF14, SC2, WC3 Reforged. The goal...
  4. Haggs151

    [SOLVED] FPS drops with Nvidia 3090 ?

    Hi Everyone, Just got a new pc. Specs are Motherboard: z690 force Cpu-intel 12900k Gpu-nvidia 3090 Psu-1200w platinum Cooling-custom water cooling for cpu and gpu Case- Corsair 7000x Ram-Corsair dominator 4800mhz ddr5 For the first 1-2 hours I average between 200-240fps on warzone. After a...
  5. V

    Question Computer shutting down as if the power was cut off.

    Hello, I purchased a computer from a local business with 50+ 5 star reviews. I considered buying a pre built but elected to support someone local, now I am starting to regret it. The owner, who I will call Jim, built the computer for me and helped me every step of the way and went above and...
  6. R

    Question Switching from GPU to integrated graphics bugs?

    so when i play games i use my gpu and when im not home or watching videos i mine crypto with it so my issues are here -if i start the PC with the DP cable in the GPU, the integrated graphics dont want to output a picture(unless i turn off the PC or put it to sleep) -if i start up the PC with...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Busted RTX 3090

    Hi, Today my PC randomly froze, then after restarting the PC the monitor would remain black and have no signal. I swapped my RTX 3090 with an older GPU (1050ti) and it works fine. I’m about ready to RMA the 3090, but wanted to hear your thoughts in case I’ve missed something? My PSU is only a...
  8. Zeekqtt

    [SOLVED] Will these 5 items work together CPU/MB/cooling/memory /gpu

    https://www.newegg.com/corsair-32gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820236697?Item=N82E16820236697 https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16813144484?Description=msi%20motherboard&cm_re=msi_motherboard-_-13-144-484-_-Product...
  9. Endlessethan

    [SOLVED] CPU Temps and GPU Temps higher after upgrdaing SSD

    My system CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 5600X GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Motherboard: ASUSTeK ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO SSD: Samsung SSD 980 PRO 1TB Nothing seems to have been knocked out of position but temps are higher why is that? Temps were much lower before this change so the case isn't a factor in...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Play "New World" with an MSI 3090 Suprim X ?

    So now that the game has came out, I'm not really sure what I should do. I really wanna play the game but don't want to risk killing my 3090. I'm not even sure if my exact card had any bricking issues with the beta like the EVGA 3090 FTW3's did. What are your thoughts?
  11. corndog1836

    [SOLVED] seasonic ss-1250xm X series and 3080ti

    i have an (x series ss1250xm psu---NOT THE XM2) and want to power a 3080ti or 3090 GPU an overclock also. as you know the 3090/3080ti need 3 --- 8pin connectors to power the video card. My psu has 2 pcie outputs on the psu, with consist of a 16pin connector that terminates into 2 8pin(6+2)...
  12. F

    [SOLVED] I think my GPU is bricked... how do I know for sure?

    I built a new PC a couple months ago. Initially I was using my old 1080, but I finally got my hands on a 3090 (gigabyte gaming OC version). It's been working great for over a month, but today it crashed while I was working, no bluescreen just a full on power out. I tried to reboot and got a...
  13. [SOLVED] 3090 Founders Edition Broken Spring/X PAD

    I was hoping I could get some help here regarding suggestions. I have a brand new 3090 that was running high on V-Ram temp so I went to replace my thermal pads based on the suggestions I read online When I opened it up I noticed that the Spring/X PAD was broken. (not sure what the name of this...
  14. W

    [SOLVED] 3090 under performing warzone

    Hello i have a 3090 and its only performing about 20% better than my 1080 i had... this cant be right. Specs: MB - asus rog max hero vii Ram 32 gig dominator 3200hz cl 16 GPU asus rog 3090 CPU I9 10900k Cpu AIO nzxt kraken z73 PSU 850W corsair i have checked cpu and gpu are not thermal...
  15. A

    Question When I update my nvidia drivers, the resolution is stuck at 640 x 480 and I can't change it

    Hello, I have a RTX 3090 and when I update the nvidia driver from the 466.77 version to the new 471.11 version, when installation completes, my resolution is locked at 640 x 480 and it doesn't let me change it at all. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling geforce experience and the new driver...
  16. 8

    [SOLVED] 3 x 8-pin on Corsair RM850x & RTX 3090 ?

    Hi there, I currently have a Corsair RM850x 80 PLUS Gold PSU and a RTX 2080 Super which are connected by 2 x 8-pin cables (both of which have an additional loose 8pin connection on the cable). I'm looking to upgrade to an RTX 3090 (most likely the ASUS ROG Strix or MSI Suprim), but most of...
  17. N

    [SOLVED] How to fix FPS drop ?

    Hello everyone, I’ve recently purchased a new PC •Gigabyte RTX 3090 GPU •i9 -10850k CPU •Corsair vengeance rgb pro 32gb (2x16) Gigabyte Z490 aorus Elite motherboard •Corsair 850w RMX 80+ gold PSU •Samsung 970 SSD 500gb •western digital SSD 2T •Corsair H100i elite cappelix radiator, 2 x fans...
  18. B

    [SOLVED] Ventus 3x OC one fan stuck spinning at 100% under zero load, even after reboot

    Heads up: A similar but not identical thread: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/only-one-fan-spins-on-one-of-my-rtx-3090-ventus-oc-cards.3696269/ In my case, I can get all fans to spin under load. It's just that Fan #1 can't stop spinning. :( TL;DR: One fan on my (already once RMA'd)...
  19. I

    Question Randomly started getting frame drops yesterday, and they wont stop.

    I booted up my computer yesterday, and played games as normal. I played Civ 6, and just act natural, then back to Civ 6, then got on Due process. After Due process I got back on Civ 6. Only this time the game wouldn't start. I messed around with ending it in task manager, and starting, until I...
  20. A

    [SOLVED] MSI 3090 Suprim X undervolting questions

    Hi guys so the 3090 is a very hot running card and it definitely makes my room quite toasty. I’ve been reading ever since the launch of these cards with instability and such issues about undervolting the cards. I’m not quite sure how to do this, or even what numbers I should undervolt to. Mainly...
  21. V

    Question Is this Crypto Riser compatible with my 3090 GPU?

    I have an MSI 3090 Trio that I'm looking to use with this powered crypto mining riser. Is this compatible? If not, what is a good fit for my GPU? Thanks Amazon.com: Ubit 6 Pack Latest PCI-E Riser Express Cable 16X to 1X (6pin / MOLEX/SATA) with Led Graphics Extension Ethereum ETH Mining Powered...
  22. M

    [SOLVED] 3090 power spikes

    Hi! I've read a lot about PSU troubles with the 3090, and I've got the regular issue with random reboots while gaming. I am however running a EVGA Supernova 1600W, is it really possible that the current spikes from the 3090 can knock out such a powerful power supply?
  23. CiervoVul

    [SOLVED] HELP liquid cooling for ASUS GeForce RTX 3090

    Hi, I just got a PC with this graphics card without any kind of liquid cooling. I'm gonna be using intense 3D programs and am gonna be rendering a lot so I need to know if i'll need water cooling, and if so, which is the best solution. I'm not very savvy on computer parts and im just learning my...
  24. En_g_neer

    Question Bad 3090 Performance

    Hey There. I built a new PC and installed a 3090 FE. That being said, I have not been getting great performance on the card. It's really starting to irk me because in Squad I get about 80 fps at 2k with most settings maxed, however I believe the low framerate is attributable to the number of...
  25. F

    Question New to PC Build and can't figure out what is wrong with my setup!

    Hello everyone. New to PC Building and i just can't figure out what is wrong with the pc i built. A couple issues i have been having: What is wrong : -When i boot my computer up it reinstalls all my USB's like they were never in my pc before. When playing certain games i can feel some sort of...
  26. A

    [SOLVED] 3090, Higher temps and less fan speed or lower temps and more fan speed

    So I've been wondering for a while and looked up different stuff but I'd really appreciate hearing from you fellow folks. I set a custom fan curve in msi afterburner to basically match the fan speed of my gpu to the temp its at, so its basically like when its at 60c the fans are at 60%. And if I...
  27. NoLongerHuman

    [SOLVED] Pc won’t turn off, won’t restart and sometimes screen loses signal

    I’m having some weird issues. Specifically after I downloaded the drivers for my new pc I built it won’t power down when I click shutdown and sometimes it will just restart instead. When I try to restart it it just gets stuck and I have to manually turn off the pc. My pc works fine but every...
  28. A

    [SOLVED] 3090 Underperforming?

    Hello so my system specs are an rtx 3090 suprim x with a ryzen 7 5800x with 16gbs of 4000mhz cl18 ram and it seems like I am underperforming in COD cold war. If I am playing zombies I am typically getting 80-100 fps but in some cases on the new map I can drop as low as 50 fps where there are a...
  29. Pinkuhfy

    [SOLVED] Why am I getting Low FPS in Warzone with a Ryzen 9 3900X & EVGA FTW3 RTX 3090

    Can someone please help me optimize my system to get the most FPS. I am currently only getting 130-140 FPS in Warzone. If I'm in the gulag it will rise up to 170-180 & when playing Resurgence I will get about 160-200. I do run low graphics settings so I'm not sure why the FPS is so low. PC...
  30. AlterEg00

    Question Found a company with hundreds GPU in stock

    Ok all i thought i would share this as i know many are looking for GPU in stock. When i was let down by SCAN falsely indicating they had cards from 16th Jan. I turned to a previous company I used to get a custom built rig. i was not disappointed... https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/ has...
  31. B

    [SOLVED] Low GPU Usage And Low FPS In Boneworks

    Hey all, I recently upgraded to a Strix OC 3090 and for the most part it's been sick on normal games. At the moment I'm trying to play some Boneworks and my framerate in some areas is awful. I've noticed that when running task manager says that my CPU is pinned at 50% usage whereas my GPU is...
  32. D

    [SOLVED] Is Vram important for 3D rendering &CAD?

    Hi, Am building a new system and am stuck between the rtx 3080 and 3090. The main advantage for the 3090 is its 24 GB of V ram and the 3080 is quite a bit cheaper. I intend to use this system for programs like Autocad, Revit, sketchup, Lumion or twinmotion and 3ds Max. If you guys can help...
  33. R

    Question Performance not even close to other benchmarks.

    Alright so it's been a while since I posted and I searched the internet and couldn't find any help. I just bought a rtx 3090 and my game performance seems way off. When I played Shadow of the tomb raider at 4k max settings my fps was 60+ with dlss on. All the other games i ran where 60+ except...
  34. A

    [SOLVED] 3090 and 5800x Temps

    I have a ryzen7 5800x and rtx 3090 suprim x and was wondering what you guys thought of my temps after playing cyberpunk for a little while. I've been at a steady 68c on my gpu and 72c on my cpu? Are those pretty adequate or too high? My case is an o11 dynamic with 6 intakes and 3 outtake as my aio.
  35. A

    [SOLVED] Msi 3090 suprim x fan curve issues

    So I use msi afterburner to monitor temps and adjust fan curves but for some reason the 3090 doesn’t change at all. It seems like the card won’t ever go past 30% fan speed even if I check off the manual fan speed option and set a custom curve. I’m not sure if there are specific settings that I’m...
  36. ThePitifulOcean

    [SOLVED] Calculating the compatibility of NH-D15 cooler with vertically mounted MSI Suprim X 3090 through case PCI slot measurements?

    I recently landed an MSI Suprim X 3090 and am hoping to vertically mount it because (in my opinion), it's one of the nicest looking cards. However, my CPU cooler is the Noctua NH-D15 which is notoriously massive, if an excellent performer. I haven't bought a PC case yet, but I'm trying to...
  37. HardAsARockie

    [SOLVED] CPU Usage at 100%, GPU Usage at 50% - Cyberpunk 2077

    Hello. I have an EVGA RTX 3080 coupled with an Intel i7-8700K processor. My average FPS in Cyberpunk 2077 is 65FPS, but I'm noticing that my CPU is taking the hit here. As said in the title, I checked through a recording of task manager through OBS that my CPU usage is hitting 95-100% while my...
  38. madchemist83

    [SOLVED] It's time for new build

    Good time of day everyone. So I finally decided to do a completely new build and would appreciate some advice. I got 5800x and 3090. What motherboard should I get, what ram also suggestions for a cooler and if I need to replace my 750W PSU. Thank you.
  39. Barry Cupas

    Any Advices About this build ??

    Hey Guys, https://pcpartpicker.com/list/fsXkgt Im gonna be using this build mainly for Content Creation... A lot of Simulations, and rendering stuffs, 1) Is the Case good for Airflow or Can it manage those Components which I put in it???, Cause I really like the Style of the Case, Recommend...
  40. A

    [SOLVED] 3090 Founders PCIe question

    Hi, I'm the final stages of building my PC now and I only have to put my Graphics Card in, the 3090 Founders Edition. I've read the booklet and it's telling me to put 2 separate PCIe connections into the 12 pin splitter provided with the card itself. However I'm a bit confused as the PSU PCIe...