Apr 16, 2010
Yes, definitely pay attention to airflow. Bundle cables using zip ties and add a decent exhaust fan. If you can, make sure the CFM for any fans blowing air out of the back of your PC is greater than the CFM of fans sucking air into it.


Nov 27, 2008
VYup, just make sure its seated properly and you have the right amount of thermal compound.

Another tip, if you have a heatsink which has a fan perpendicular to the motherboard, match the direction of air flow with your rear case fan. That way you are pulling (or pushing) air thuroughly in/out of the case.


Mar 2, 2010
Does anyone know how to control your fan speeds through software? Or can you only control it manually? I want to be able to plug my case fans into the motherboard but they only have the molex ends. Can you only control your cpu fan?



You can use MOLEX to 3PIN converter and these 3 PIN converters can then plug into 3 Pin headers in the motherboard. But be careful that the case fan's ampere rating does not exceed the motherboard's 3PIN header ampere rating.

1. Start w/ a good case.

2. Avoid gimmicky coolers that block case fans exhaust.

3. Use a Heat Sink and TIM that near the tops of the list.

pick a TIM from the top few here:

4. Understand the realities and myths of lapping, air flow direction TIM application. For example:

5. Be neat with cables ..... sleeving multiples cables in a common sleeve is a good way to reduce clutter.

6. Keep heat sinks, fans and components free of dust.

7. Dump Molex connectors....snip, snip....yes you can use adapters but their bulk results in a a bundle of flow blockage. I either unsnap the molex connectors off or snip them off when I am stuck with them and solder on new 3/4 pin connectors. Better yet, buy case fans with 3 pin connectors. Enthusiast MoBos typically have fan headers rated at 2 amps while most case fans draw about a third of an amp. Provided you have checked your ratings and left some headroom, you can gang common fans (i.e. twin rear case exhaust////twin case from intake) on a single header.

8. To control fans via MoBo, you'll need a MoBo that provides the feature....not all do.

9. If you have connector issues , lack of MoBo features, or whatever, you can always use one of these:



Aug 11, 2006
Actually, on most mid to high end cases leaving them open will impede the the proper flow of air across the M/B CPU area.

Make sure all input fans have filters and keep them clean.