Question BIOS not recognize SSD with my PSU, but if i swap to other PSU it can recognize and boot to windows .Is it possible SATA Power Cabble on PSU deffect ?

Jan 24, 2022
Hello guys,
I curious about this. My SSD(ADATA SU650 128GB) is not detected by BIOS when using my PSU(Corsair CV450), but when use another PSU(Corsair VS450) it can boot to windows without any problem.
I've tried all of SATA Power Cabble on PSU and all of SATA ports on mainboard but have no sign it detect my SSD.
Is it possible SATA Power Cabble on my PSU deffect or have not enough power for my SSD ?

My PC Specification :
CPU : AMD FX-6300
Mainboard : ASROCK 970 Pro3 .
RAM : Venom RX 8GB
PSU : Corsair CV450

Thanks in advance.

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Jan 24, 2022
One other possibility is SATA power pin #3. Some newer HDDs (and SSDs?) interpret this pin as Power Disable. Try covering this pin with insulation tape, or you could use a 4-pin Molex-to-SATA adaptor cable.

Power Disable Feature (SATA 3.2+ / 3.3):
Actually i have no idea how to deal with it, but i will try it later .
I was going to use molex to sata, but after seeing a few people try it and the connector was burnt... so I didn't buy it.
But there are people who still use it without any problems.
I know there are few connector had good quality, but i still feel worried of using molex to sata