Aug 19, 2009
So I started overclocking once I'd built my PC, then a week later pushed it further.

I had to use very high voltages (compared to most peoples) on Vcore, VTT, and NB to keep the E8500 stable at 4.37Ghz.

Now a week or two has passed, and I've been able to drop the voltages, with no impact on stability whatsoever. Earlier if I'd touched those settings I'd have blue screens, but now it's happy? Admittedly on CPU and VTT it's only a small drop (1.38 to 1.32 for VTT, and VCore from 1.52V load to 1.48V load but a drop none the less. NB I've dropped 0.2V and could probably go lower.

Is this normal for parts to stabilise like that?

Just curious, not terribly important :) Thanks!