Question Browser keeps refreshing and other errors

Feb 26, 2020
My PC had some errors after I overclocked the CPU ( Ryzen 3 1200) to 3.6 ghz.
So I put it back to 3.1 ghz.
Problem is after a restart games like Rainbow Six Siege and others would crash in the menu, and after another restart the PC would go from a blue screen to a blue screen... ( error: CRITICAL PROCESS DIED)
When I tried to reinstall windows I had an error saying that: 'windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the gpd partition style'

I finally managed to go around that but now after a 100% CLEAN reinstall it still has problems running games and the browser keeps refreshing like every 70 seconds, also lowering the quality of youtube videos.

The Computer worked fine until that overclock...
Is it possible that my CPU is damaged? Can I fix it?


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