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  1. C

    Question Can't stream at 1080p or 720 without it being so blurry ?

    Any FPS game i stream is really blurry and I can't fix it. i tried streaming apex and Fortnite, overwatch but it's too blurry. i tried all bitrates and nothing works. my pc specs is: My 1st Gaming & Streaming PC! (Budget Build) - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (12nm), GeForce RTX 3060 12GB, Lian Li Lancool II...
  2. Navai_S

    Question How can I use my ram at its maximum frequency without crashes since I paid more for that?

    Hey, guys! I have a cpu ryzen 5 5600x and ram with 3600mhz. so On settings I went and enabled docp and set the frequency to 3400(even less than its max frequency) but I kept getting crashes, blue screens etc. So by running diganosis etc. I found the reason behid these is docp, to solve it I...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Since MKL is not optimized for AMD hardware isn't it better to have an Intel CPU for deep learning rig?

    In this article https://timdettmers.com/2023/01/16/which-gpu-for-deep-learning/ published in 2023-01-16 by Tim Dettmers, he states "AMD CPUs are cheaper and better than Intel CPUs in general for deep learning.". I have chosen parts for a future 2023 deep learning rig build based on Intel only...
  4. P

    Question cpu core clock fluctuates and is incorrect

    I have an Asus z10pe-d8 ws motherboard with 2 Xenon e5-2667 v3 (at least that's what the IHS says). both CPUs are aio water-cooled and I have ensured that they are both being sufficiently cooled. the problem is if I use both CPUs after about 10 minutes the CPU's cores will spike and my...
  5. M

    Question Screen blinking when at idle new gpu

    Recently i bought a Sapphire RX 6600 gpu from my local computer store and when i started using it i noticed its not as smooth as my gtx 1650 in desktop and idles, Than I was watching something on my second monitor while using the first one to google something and it started like fickering but it...
  6. E

    Question CPU cooler goes red

    The cpu cooler I have is either a Corsair h100i or a h80i and I noticed at first it was flashing red on and off and it stopped for while but then it went full red, I looked it up and people were saying it’s a temp issue but I tested the temps and it’s running 65-70 degrees on war zone 2 which...
  7. K

    Question Xeon 2470 v2 works only in BIOS ?

    Hi. Some time ago I became interested in the topic of xenons. I bought atermiter x79 on lga 1356, 16GB ram ddr3 ecc 2RX8 and 2420 cpu. I paid for it 40USD. I bought the 2420 only as a test processor to check if the board and ram work, because the target procesor 2470 v2 I bought on...
  8. S

    Question Intel i9 9900k stuck at 7000 Memory Clock always

    Apologies in advance, I'm no computer wizard but I've been having this issue for as long as I can remember and am hoping for help. I previously, years ago, tried tweaking with OCing things in the BIOS and am not sure if this is the cause of why I've been stuck at max. I can supply more...
  9. R

    Question Hi i have a huge problem!

    Hello! I dont know from where to start...... I noticed that with every single day my games are getting more laggy, even doe i have so much fps. I had gtx 1070 with r5 3600, 16gb ram 3200mhz. Games like Fortnite and more dynamic games at all, were laggy. Even league of legends was laggy ( when...
  10. R

    Question Amd CPU box/MPK version

    Hi! I bought my new pc and the cpu in it is ryzen 5 5600x but not the retail box one but the MPK version which is like 15 euro cheaper, cuz they didnt have the normal one in stock. I wanna ask about the difference? Is it still coming with a warranty because i think it is, and is the difference...
  11. Gamefreaknet

    Question Will running my CPU at 70% - 80% usage reduce effective use lifespan?

    I have recently gotten into stuff like Crypto and decided that I will use both my Laptops for mining however whilst my first laptop is fine as I can use its dedicated GPU (RTX 2070 Max-Q) I am running on my other laptop a mining software which uses the CPU for mining Crypto instead. The laptop...
  12. P

    Question Looking for chippest [cheapest?] CPU which can run mac os on my h81 mb ?

    Hello,i want to install last compatible mc os with haswell cpu on my pc (hackintosh) So i have a h81 mb ( i think it should be gen 4 haswell) and looking for a pentium cpu but I don't know how i can realize which one is more powerful by reading their name! 1-is haswell highest Pentium with 4...
  13. R

    Question HIGH fps but still laggy/choppy its like im on 30fps

    From like 3 months my games are feeling very laggy/choppy while having a good fps ( feels like im on 50-60fps or something ) . I dont know what casues it, but i wanna fix it because i play competitive games and i need this fixed. Its only video laggy no audio, and the mouse is not laggy or...
  14. Rhmyvllcmp

    Question What else would be affected

    My AVR is okay but when I turn on my CPU, They're something spark in the back of my CPU then suddenly my AVR went off. I tried to turn on the AVR and CPU still no lights coming out. Then I tried to used outlet for my cpu and monitors cable. But when I turn on my CPU suddenly heard a loud spark...
  15. O

    [SOLVED] Is a 430 watt power supply enough for a GTX 750 Ti?

    I have a psu of 430 watts i have a gtx 750 ti and i7 870 with one ssd of 119gb and one hdd of 250 gb with gtx 750 ti i want to know that this psu can Here is the...
  16. Jekama

    Question Which GPU for an i3-12100f ?

    Hi, I recently purchased an i3-12100f. It is currently paired with a GTX 1060 but I notice that in games, the 1060 is at 60% usage while the i3-12100f is at 10%. So I thought maybe I should change my graphics card. What graphics card would you recommend for the i3 12100f?
  17. Jekama

    Question Is 43°C too hot for a processor at rest ?

    Hi, I have just installed my second PC with an i3-12100-F and I notice that there is a problem with the processor temperatures. I changed the original thermal paste with Artic MX-2 and I feel like I lost a few degrees. I then run a test with OCCT for 10 minutes and I reach the temperature of...
  18. N

    Question PC keeps freezing after CPU upgrade

    1660 TI B356 Phantom Gaming 4 i5 9400f -> i9 9900k Didn't have this problem before but ever since I upgraded it freezes for like 8-15 seconds. I didn't make any changes other than my CPU upgrade.
  19. I

    Question Installing different CPU in PC

    Hello! I have a pc that has a Dell OKRC95 (Version A02) Motherboard and a Intel Core i5-3470 3.20 GHz processor in it. I was wanting to put a Intel Core i5-4590 3.30 GHz processor in it but am not sure if the 4590 is compatible with my Motherboard? I also have an RX 580 Series GPU (Not sure if...
  20. Nlody

    [SOLVED] PSU Malfunction ?

    Hi my pc Shutdown when i turn on ultimate perfomance on control panel it shutsdown and restart constantly until i turn power off and let it sit for couple of minutes then i turn i back on and it works it usually happens in games like minecraft or just games that my fps cap isnt needed to be set...
  21. E

    Question My motherboards memory channel seems to be broken

    I just bought a used cpu and motherboard seperate. They are a b360 and a i5 8400. When i first plugged them in i got a black screen. After a little troubleshooting i found that the left memory slotl is not working. The motherboard i have only have 2 memory slots. My ram still lights up when...
  22. G

    [SOLVED] Gaming performance slowed down after upgrading CPU ?

    I have an old rig : i5 3470 GTX 1650 Super 16gb RAM 1600 ASRock H61M-VS3 Mobo I just upgraded my CPU to a Xeon E3-1230v2 for the 8 threads and gaming performance went down. I have a save in Cyberpunk 2077 that runs at 50fps when I load on that level/save in my old i5. Now it just runs at 28-30...
  23. Yeno0o

    [SOLVED] CPU bottleneck?

    I have had my pc for around 3 years now. Up until now its been working fine. But today when I played Valorant and other games, my audio cuts out and I have frame drops. When I see what's going on with my cpu and gpu it's telling me that the cpu is bottlenecking my gpu. But I don't know what cpu...
  24. S

    Question My CPU and GPU keep spiking

    My CPU and my GPU spike 5/15s, this really sucks sinse I can not even play basic games or somethin, there is another post here about that but it doesn't help me at all my cpu is a amd FX(tm)-8350 eight core and my GPU is a GTX 1060 6gm they both spike over and over again exactly like on the...
  25. Lzcas

    Question my pc stopped working after hitting my desk

    Hello, I've got an issue where my pc will not turn on now atall all I get is the keyboard and mouse light up it all started from hitting my desk when I was playing warzone and it froze and turned off and wouldn't come back on the day before i was trying to clean my cpu fan and undone the screws...
  26. BTYHYP3R

    Question Graphics card wont post all of a sudden.

    I have had my PC for 4 years now and it has been running like a beast without any problems. A few days ago I moved my PC to my new appartemen (a pretty long distance actually and by car). When I set up my PC and everything else, everything was working like normal. After a few days tho when I...
  27. lleans

    Question My cpu clocked down under base clock

    I know you guys think this is dumb question, but hear my story first. . . Yesterday i replaced my thermal paste on my laptop, then tries booting my laptop, it won't, i think it's memory problem b'cause everytime i replacing my thermal paste thus thing happens, after i leave my memory for an...
  28. L

    [SOLVED] B450 Tomahawk red cpu led

    Hi, I've had my computer for a while now and everything was working fine until yesterday. Now the motherboards CPU led turns red when I turn my pc on and I can't boot. I looked online and tried every solution that was written. I changed the CMOS battery, I tried booting without GPU and with one...
  29. R

    Question Low cpu and Gpu utilisation !

    i am getting low fps with the following rig Ryzen 7 3700x rtx 3070 16gb x 1 3200mhz psu - corsair cx750 msi mag b550 tomahawk mobo both cpu and gpu usage are low like 25 to 30 % ! i have LG 240hz monitor 1080p G-sync compatible! send help
  30. I do not know 1 2 3

    [SOLVED] Does memory speed/amount throttle browsing performance?

    I have 10GBs of ram (2GB 1333mhz, 2GB 1333mhz, 2GB 1333mhz, 4GB 1600mhz) and I just wanted to know if buying 8x2 higher speed ram would make browsing faster? Also, I'm buying a new cpu (a better one) and those 8x2 ram I'm talking about. Which one do I buy first to get better browsing performance...
  31. K

    Question CPU usage and temperature is high, but drops once I open Task Manager

    About 10 seconds after startup, something runs on my PC that puts a lot of strain on my CPU. I'm suspecting a cryptojacker, but I can't find anything. As soon as I open Task Manager, the highest usage task, labeled "System Interrupts" stays open for about 2 seconds, then closes. As soon as I...
  32. R3sist_UdS

    Question Antimalware Service Executable (MsMpEng) - High CPU usage (Have tried everything)

    Hello there! I have tried everything I could find on how to fix MsMpEng's high CPU usage. Have excluded the file and the folder. Have used options in the windows scheduler options. Nothing seems to work, can somebody please assist me on this? The CPU usage is pretty high nowadays - somewhere...
  33. HardWave

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3 5300u safe temps

    So recently I bought a Lenovo ideapad 3 slim 3i with Ryzen 3 5300u 8 Gb Ram, and usually played in a well conditioned aired room with idle temp around 45 - 50 Celcius. When running ps3 emulator (Rpcs3, playing persona 5) it runs smoothly, but then I check my cpu temperature on CPU - Z while the...
  34. Zaul718

    Question System wont boot when I connect my second gpu

    Recently bricked my b450 so bought a new gigabyte mobo x570 installed my rtx 2080 and it boots fine, but when i add an rtx 2060 for 3d rendering it does not boot. I ve changed bios csm to uefi (a solution i found on this forum) and it boots but to bios and a limited bios is visible rest blacked...
  35. B

    [SOLVED] Choosing CPU for Interior Architecture Student

    Hi all, may I open with an apology for another "what to choose" topic. I have done some researches but only managed to narrow down the options, not deciding one. Here is the scope: I'm building a PC for my girlfriend who is studying Interior Architecture, so not as hardcore as Architecture but...
  36. Nhoelscher7

    Question Cpu started randomly heating up from 30 till it slowly rises to about 70c then shuts off (idle)

    Ryzen 7 5800x 3070 B450m hdv I got my ryzen 7 about a month ago and bought a liquid cooling (Icue 100i elite) whenever I boot up my PC the CPU temperature slowly starts to rise and the fans go crazy i’ve tried replying thermal paste, making sure the cooler is seated on correctly I’ve...
  37. K

    Question RTX2060 + RYZEN 5 3600 Getting low gpu and cpu usage

    So recently I have upgraded my gpu from an fx-8300 to a ryzen 5 3600 alongside with some other parts. I thought that after that all my performance issues would be gone, but now I'm facing a very strange one that I can't seem to find any solution for it on the internet. In almost all my games...
  38. MDtoBe

    [SOLVED] Should I go with an AMD CPU with a cheap discrete graphics card or elect for an Intel CPU with integrated graphics (see description)?

    I am going for my third custom gaming build shortly. Here's my issue: my wife has somewhat restricted me in budget (which is fine, by the way, as finances are not perfect right now as we are both full time college students and currently she is seeking a part-time job, so I am the only one with...
  39. Corn Eggs

    [SOLVED] CPU keeps overheating and shutting down after a few minutes

    Hey everyone, So this is my first time building a pc, so I mostly picked out parts that were under my budget. My specs are Motherboard: MSI B450 GAMING PLUS MAX AM4 AMD B450 SATA 6Gb/s ATX AMD Motherboard SSD: Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 3D2, QLC Internal Solid State Drive...
  40. Shilonidas

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 5600x and b450

    Hey, so I'm planning to upgrade my PC soon from ryzen 5 2600 to 5 5600x. My motherboard is "b450 gaming PLUS " Is there avaible BIOS for new ryzens or we still need to wait?