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  1. C

    Question Can I replace just the fan, it`s starting to cause bio`s errors [under 600 rpm]?

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan; This fan is 6 yrs. old!
  2. P

    [SOLVED] do i upgrade my cpu or my gpu first?

    Question: what do you think would give me more fps, an i3-8100 paired with an rtx 2060 or an i7-8700 paired with a gtx 1060 6GB? Background & info: my current build has an intel i3-8100 and a gtx 1060 6gb paired with 16GB of 2666MHz RAM, and i use it for 1080p 60Hz gaming. I'm planning on...
  3. RonBs

    Question i7 8750H + 1050Ti + 16ram 2600mhz

    Every game I played I had nice frames, but when I play minecraft my fps is under 50 fps, on fortnite high settings im getting better frames. I did every thing on nvidia contorl panel, the game runs on my GPU and I gave to the game 8 Ram. Even, when I set my pc to best performance (my CPU gets to...
  4. A

    Question It will support or not

    So I have 1050ti and wanted to know if it is compatible with motherboard- A88gmv And yes CPU - athlon ii x2 and 270 I know it will bottleneck but wanted to know if 1050 or 1050ti will work with motherboard And yes my PSU is 500 watt Enter e500r Which does not have any 6-pin PCI-E power connectors.
  5. nickkoops

    Question Upgrade or no?

    So i recently got a used set with an i5 4460 and 12 GB of DDR3 ram, I paired it with a 1050 ti and for the first weeks I was really enjoying the upgrade.. (from a i5 2400) But recently i've come across some issues with 100% CPU usage in games like GTA 5 and Apex Legends. So I was wondering what...
  6. B

    Question Is my cpu fan failing and how can i tell?

    Hello. I have an almost 2-year old hp desktop computer. Model is 410-101nv. It's working great, absolutely no problems. But almost 2 weeks ago i got a message while boot up saying "511 cpu fan not detected" i pressed F1 and turned on my computer. Didn't see that message again, until today. My...
  7. D

    100% Cpu usage

    Hello there. My cpu is constantly running at 100% in absolute any games I throw at it. It is paired with a Gtx 950 and 8gb of ram. Stuttering is one of the worst problems, along with low fps and huge drops in some light titles. It used to run well on medium settings and a small gpu OC. Any ideas...
  8. P

    Question What components could I switch out?

    I have some problems with fps in games such as apex, gta 5, pubg etc. Sometimes it's normal and it doesn't lag, but sometimes it's like gaming with a potato. I think it's cpu or ram problem, but I'm not so good at computers. So what could I change in my pc to make fps better? Pc specs: Cpu...
  9. Abdul wahab 786

    Question Which Cpu to choose with RX 580 8GB

    So, i have got an rx 580 and i need to make a pc to play games on it...my bughet is perhaps the tighest on planet earth . I have 150$ to build rest of the pc... I know the best way is to go used and i can find and i5 4590 for little over my bughet and an it 3570 right in my bughet.. So which...