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  1. Yerinah

    Question PC sometimes suddenly lags and restarts mid game

    I Have a problem with my pc since the first day , sometimes when I am mid game I suddenly get massive delay in input and everything, and I can hear the people playing with me but they cant hear me, and when I press the windows key nothing happens. its like my desktop is totally dead but I am...
  2. YorkDeux

    Question No Display/Post Screen

    I recently had an issue of compatibility with CPU and MOBO that I resolved. When I boot up my PC I have no display. What can be the issue? I tried with and without my GPU. I plugged in audio cable and got no beeps unless in stupid and it is in wrong port. Specs: PSU: RM 850x CPU: Ryzen 7 3800x...
  3. Tit4s

    Question A problem with ACME BH420 earbuds

    Hello there. I have those earbuds: https://www.acme.eu/sites/default/files/files/support/2020/BH420_manual.pdf I can successfully connect them to an iPhone SE of mine with Bluetooth. When they're connected, I have no problems with using it to listen to the audio. The problem is that I can not...
  4. A

    Question Keyboard problems

    Hey, I have a Varmilo VA88M keyboard, i've had it for a few months without any problems, but now, yesterday, from nowhere, my keyboard started acting weird, so basically, Alt is Switched to WIN, When pressing down WIN, both CTRL and ALT is pressed down. FN doesn't work. rgb light strength key...
  5. homiesapien

    Question Will a rx 560-580 work with a pcie 4.0

    I am building a new computer and until I can get my hands on a 30 series I was thinking of getting a cheap gpu but I need to know if a rx 560-580 will work in a pcie 4.0 slot.
  6. K

    Question CPU usage is constantly 100%

    I have some CPU problems, i asume, because my CPU usage seems to be at 100% nearly all the when i'm playing games and it's taking a toll on my framerate. (I'm mainly refering to CS:GO here, but the same happens with Destiny 2, Warzone, Fortnite, and games where there's a lot happening on the...
  7. Benedict R

    Question Mouse and keyboard is malfunctioning when playing League of Legends

    Hey guys! I was wondering if someone could help me with my problem. Well my problem is that when I play League of Legends my mouse and keyboard keeps malfunctioning, both keeps stopping and working again and again, it happens throughout the whole game and it is really irritating. Can someone...
  8. J

    Question My new pc that i have just built dose not work

    Hello all I need you help with my new pc i have just finnished biulding it today and i am looking for some help with the set up. I have plugged everythink in and truned it on. The pc boots up normaly but at the back where all the socets are (hdmi, usb and others) dont work same of the front...
  9. W

    [SOLVED] need a bit of help

    hello i have a little problem actualy i dont know if its a problem i have a dell inspirion n5110 and its runing 70-80 degres celsius i have a intel i7 2670QM 12gb of ram and a nvdia geforce gt525m graphics card its runing wery hot is it normal for these laptops to run so hot?
  10. AlecS2k@

    [SOLVED] New GPU Problem

    Hi all! I bought a new video card, a Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super OC(I changed the old video card because it started to show artifacts.). The problem is that after mounting it on the motherboard, the monitor displays the message "No signal", and the motherboard speaker makes 1 beep, 3 short beeps, 2...
  11. HENRYY

    [SOLVED] Help plz my pc shuts down and restart

    I dont really know much about pc but i purchased a psu fsp hydro ge 650w 80+gold and i have pc spec as: i5 6600k @ 3.50ghz gt x 1070 stock 15gb ram 128g ssd samsung 2tb seagate baracuda asus b150 pro gaming mobo i have updated my drivers tried everything i cleaned my pc but nothing changed it...
  12. Klinox

    Question Browser keeps refreshing and other errors

    My PC had some errors after I overclocked the CPU ( Ryzen 3 1200) to 3.6 ghz. So I put it back to 3.1 ghz. Problem is after a restart games like Rainbow Six Siege and others would crash in the menu, and after another restart the PC would go from a blue screen to a blue screen... ( error...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Newly Build PC no display no beep (potentially bc of ram)

    Hi guys, I'm a new user on this forum! I needed to join this community because I'm seeking a solution to my problem; today I built my first PC PC Specs in case you need them to help me: CPU: Ryzen 3400g GPU: Radeon Vega 11 Motherboard: Asus TUF B450-Pro RAM: 2x8gb HyperX Fury (Kingston) DDR4...
  14. PatStick

    [SOLVED] No signal On monitor after some changes

    Hey, So i bought a new game named Battlefront 2 on origin, but when i started the game it said something like this' detected AMD drivers 0.0.0, requird 17.0.1'So i checkt on forums why i get this messege while my drivers are up to date. And someone said that i got to disable my old internal...
  15. FedeDeer

    Question It crashes and reboot all by itself

    I've got quite an annoying problem. Often whenever I'm playing or working or even watching videos on youtube my pc crashes without a reason. It crashes and reboot all by itself. I don't really know if there's a software problem or an hardware problem. Maybe it's only the psu going bad, I...
  16. Blastt.

    Question computer blacks out

    when I try launching Star citizens or world of tanks NA My monitors go blank and the LED light to indicate it has lost connection with the graphics card blinks, After 10secs my pc reboots automatically and comes back to the enter password screen, I try again and same problem I even done Dell...
  17. P

    Question Video playback problems

    Hello. I have a pretty simple problem with video playback on win 10 build 1803. So, when for example i resume anime episode on some foreign site or a movie on win media player the sound keeps going but video freezes and skips a few seconds of image, when audio finally keeps up with frozen image...
  18. S

    Question Keyboard only works in bios

    Hi, I plugged in my old ps3 controller to my PC, then suddenly my keyboard and mouse stopped working. After few reset I got my mouse to work, however my keyboard still doesn't work. It only works in BIOS. I decided to plug in my other keyboard and it does work. When I'm in device manager and I'm...
  19. kep91799

    Question Computer Forces sleep while gaming

    I just recently built my first gaming pc (finished building it on the 22nd) and everything seemed completely fine until yesterday when my computer forced sleep mode while I was playing Teamfight Tactics (uses 3% of my CPU to run). This proceeded to happen a few more times after changing the...
  20. N

    [SOLVED] Unsual power off problem

    Hello, and thanks in advance for reading. I recently built a brand new pc ,my first one, at first everything was fine but now i have encountered a weird ,at least for me problem. PC specs: Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte geoforce gtx 1660 ti Asrock B450 Pro 4 2 x 8gb vengeance lpx at 3000MHz Corsair cx...