Jul 22, 2005
Hello all,

I have started recieving weird BSOD all of the sudden and I cant seem to figure out what caused the problem.

Anyway, I should point out that yesterday I upgraded my CPU from an AMD Athlon 64 3700 to an AMD X2 4800+ and I had no problems what so ever then. I should note that I have a Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista Beta installed on the same hd with two partitions.

Anyway today, I find that my computer has loaded up Windows Vista, which leads me to assume that it had rebooted, because I was in XP before that.

Once I try to boot into XP, right as the startup sound occurs. I get a blue screen of death.

That has the message: DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

0x000001D or something like that.

My first thought is that the sound card is screwed up, so I boot up into safe mode and disable my sound card. I still get a BSOD, so I decide to try and disable some startup programs such as Trillian, Zone Alarm Pro, and I also uncheck this line that says dumprep 0 -k.

Windows boots as normal and things seem fine. However, when I start iTunes, the same BSOD comes back and windows has to reboot. Once again, I go back to safe mode and much to my suprise, I find that the dumprep 0 -k box is once again checked. so I disable it again and Windows boots normally. I havent tried to reenable dumprep and see if it comes back.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Please help me, I have spent a lot of money on this comp and I need it to run right!!

System Specs:
2GB PC3200 Corsair RAM
Gigabyte n-force 4 SLI mobo socket 939
AMD X2 4800+
SB Audigy ZS2
ATi Radeon X1900XT

All have the latest drivers