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  1. X

    Question 10gig Network card isnt recognized on reboot, needs shut down

    I bought a 10 gig network card as a way of "extreme future proofing" my pcs for the next years. It installs fine, basically PnP in windows, but if i restart the pc, it dosent get recognized. I need to shut down and power up every time. I was wondering if thats something i can configure on the...
  2. J

    Question Internet Randomly Drops

    For the past month or so, my internet randomly drops whenever I am playing a game. I have looked into the task manager and found that it is only my upload speeds that tank when I play games. What confuses me is that this also happens when I am playing single player games. However, it only...
  3. Eksitus

    Question Lenovo Yoga 530-14ARR internet drops

    Hi, For a while I've been experiencing this kind of behavior on my lenovo yoga (ryzen model). Yellow part is where it has internet connection, orange part is the correction of test's false data, (where the graph is perfectly flat there is in fact no connection) The same behavior occurs on my...
  4. L

    Question Unable to Connect to Internet After Network Card Installation

    Alright guys, so I just upgraded my internet to Gigabit and when running a speedtest, I was only receiving around 300-400Mbps. After digging around the internet for awhile, I read that my on-board network adapter (Intel I219-V) has issues obtaining full gigabit speeds and the best solution was...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Does pcie 1x to 4x have the same speed?

    So if I buy an adapter that is a pcie 1x to 4x and I plug in an m.2 drive, will it be slower? If the m.2 is slower, then how much slower would it be if it’s nvme? If the m.2 would be to slow, could I put a network card in it?
  6. Hyper666

    Question HP OMEN 17 X Network card replacement

    Hello, I decided to buy AX201 wireless card from Intel to raplace my Realteak RTL8822BE. AX201 was only card on my local components shop. As I searched in internet, AX201 most likely wont work with my laptop, because of CNVio2. Is there a way to know if my laptop have a CNVio2 support? Also...
  7. V

    Question PCIe network card no longer picking up 5GHz signals.

    After I updated my GPU (AMD RX480) to the latest driver, my Archer T4E Dualband PCIe network card no longer finds any 5GHz signals, despite my phone and laptop still being able to connect and use it. I tried resetting the router and reinstalling the network card's driver again but it didn't...
  8. I

    Question hp nc523sfp capped to 300mb/s [SOLVED]

    The problem I have bought a hp nc523sfp 10gbe network card for my server (dl380g6) because I upgraded my internet plan to a 10gb/s connection. The problem is that my server is recognized by the rooter as a 10gb/s capable and my server is capped to arround 300mb/s even using the old peripheral. I...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Wifi card for lenovo v530

    I want to install a network card on my lenovo v530 which has an i5-9400, primarily for Bluetooth 5.0 (I'm happy with the ethernet connection). I bought a ubit WiFi card: (Gigabit WiFi Card, 802.11 AX/AC Superspeed 2974Mbps, Ubit Wi-Fi 6 AX200 Chip, PCIe Wireless Dual-band...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Will network cards work with onboard LAN disabled

    I disabled my onboard LAN in bios cause it was stopping my pc from booting because my router broke and the pc was connected via ethernet, and it messed up the ethernet port in a bad lightning storm. I was wondering if I could use a network card with an ethernet plug even if I have onboard LAN...
  11. E

    [SOLVED] What Wireless Network Card Would You Recommend Out Of These?

    What Wireless Network Card Would You Recommend Out Of These? I am getting a new wireless card as i think my Asus PCE-N15 11n may be on its way, as im starting to get some low signal quality since updating the drivers. Plus would like to upgrade to a 2.4ghz - 5gz to be able to use the 5ghz and...
  12. Y

    [SOLVED] What makes a good wireless network adapter/card?

    Hi, I've been searching the web for information on what makes a good wireless network adapter/card but had no luck in finding what I wanted. What are the specifications/characteristics that makes a wireless network adapter/card reliable and good, and could you recommend any that are cheap and...
  13. D

    Question Got a New Network Card but now CPU is 100%

    Hey. So my family decided to get Gigabyte speed services and I reluctantly agreed to get a network card since it seems like the previous model could 'only handle' >100 mbps (they like 'uniformity' and i'm already a black sheep for using Windows still and not Macs). But upon using Adobe or...
  14. P

    Question No Online Games Are Working Properly! PLEASE HELP!

    So recently I began having this issue. Online games either have horrid packet loss and connections to server or will simply not maintain a connection to the server at all and kick me. All other internet features are fine (ie: how I am able to type this right now. Websites work fine). All of my...
  15. Question GIGA RTX2080 Gaming OC fans spin and stop every 2 seconds

    I just bought a GIGA RTX 2080 Gaming OC and I found sometimes the fans spin and stop every 2 seconds. The noise sounds like sawing wood and it’s very disturbing. I know this is about fan control strategy. But I still fell something weird because this phenomenon happens very frequently...
  16. R

    Question HP 8200 Elite upgrade gpu to rx 580 and power supply, need your help

    Hey guys i have a HP 8200 Elite, i have a gigabyte rx 580 8gb and it requires a 500w PSU and im thinking to buy a Xtreme gaming energy 525W 80 plus, i just wanna know what do you guys think and if there will a problem or not and thank you
  17. B

    [SOLVED] Case fans question.

    Been looking around online and cant find a answer. But I have a NZXT source 530 case and bought 6 cooler master 120mm sickleflow blue led fans, 2 front as intake, 2 on bottom (stock nzxt fans that came with the case) also intake, 3 ontop as exhaust, and 1 in back also exhaust. the sickleflow...
  18. S

    lan driver help

    please send me a link of a lan driver for my pc because the erthernet is not working please help
  19. G

    Could/graphics card bottleneck & power supply

    I have an amd fx 6350 and a cs 650m power supply, A) would my CPU bottleneck a Saphire RX 580 8GB If I bought it and B) would my psu have enough power for it? Thx for your answers
  20. Knicks2012

    Wifi gaming, low latency Router/USB Adapter Help (Wired Not Possible)

    Netgear Orbi finally shit the bed this morning. Can't get it to work after multiple resets and power on/off. I'm done trying to fix it every week. Speeds are never the issue when the router worked. Latency and the router failing have always been a problem. Need a new router AND USB wifi adapter...