Building a Computer - DVI and HDMI Help


Oct 23, 2009
Hello, I am currently building a computer. I am going with a nVidia GeForce GTX 200 Series card. I will be using two 1080p HDMI monitors. Most of those cards include two DVI outputs. If I was to get two adapters that were DVI to HDMI and run those to my monitors, would I get the full 1080p HDMI quality. I cannot find a card that has two HDMI output I am not worried about transferring sound through the HDMI, just video, I really would like two full 1080p HDMI connections so please help me!
HDMI is just DVI + sound. DVI is just digital video vs VGA which is analog.

30 inch DVI monitors can have resolutions such as 2560x1600.

You can use a DVI-HDMI adapter if your GPU doesn't have 2 HDMI ports.