Jun 17, 2009
Hey guys im planning on building a new system tell me what you think about it

Antec 902
Atec quatro true power 850 W
Evga GTX 275
1 tb hard drive 7200 RPM 32mb buffer
6gigs ddr3 1600mhz
Gigabyte EX58-UD4P planing on buying another gtx later
I will be running my cpu on stock cooling im not going to overclock now i will buy some badass cpu cooler later any recomandations for a cpu cooler?will be overclocking to like 3,2 -3,5
my resolutions are 1920-1080 How loong will i be able to play games maxed out with that system?
The setup is good...But here are few suggestions...

1. You wont need 850W PSU for that config of yours...Get the Corsair 750TX...It would be suffice even for 2x GTX 275 in SLI.
2. Get the WD BLack 1TB as it would be faster than other regular 1TB drives.
3. For the CPU cooler, get Xig Dark knight/ Scythe Mugen II...With those coolers, you can even go upto 3.6GHz...
4. For you resolution, currently a single GTX 275 can max out in most of the current games...And as you are planning for another GTX 275 later, it can hold on more than a year or 2 or maybe even more...but that would completely depend on you...