Buy 7850 now, or wait for 8850?


Oct 29, 2012
I've got a new build starting and the parts are on the way, except for a GPU. I got the 3570k with the integrated HD 4000 graphics. I was wondering if it would be worth it to wait until April to purchase the 8850 because according to this

The 8850 will be substantially better with an incredible price. Is this just a marketing ploy, or is this true? Would the HD 4000 hold off until then, I want to know how well I can run Bioshock and Bad Company 2, which aren't too demanding so I expect them to run fine on the integrated HD 4000.


Dec 20, 2012

Just get the 7850 now mate! But make sure you get the 2 gb card. 1 gb is just not enough vram for todays games. I just looked on ebay and theres a few 2 GB club 3d royal king hd 7850s for the same price as the 1 gb versions. My old card was a hd 5850 but before buying it I was going to wait for the hd 6850 to be released but luckily I didn't because the older hd 5850 is way better by quite a bit.
Agree with bigirishman. There is always something bigger and better coming out soon. I assume since you said parts are on the way you want to use your gaming computer now and not wait until April. The integrated graphics can run movies etc. but for gaming you need a good graphics card. Buy a good card and upgrade it in 2 years. I will tell you that by then the "new 8000 series" will be middle of the road cards.


Jul 3, 2012
I agree with the irish dude
You will like it, im sure, Im running one right now.
Plus, the 7850 core, Pitcairn is the same core on the more expensive 7870, so you can buy a 7850 with a nice dual fan cooling solution and overclock it by about 100mhz with NO problems. Mine is a Sapphire, but pick what you like c:

On a separate note, yes, the HD4000 graphics by Intel do run BF BC2 but it is an eyesore, same deal with bioshock.
Four months is a long time. I spent about 2 years waiting for an update within my price range and now that I have a new system, I cant figure out why did I wait so long x)

Good luck!