Question Buy PC parts now or wait for black Friday deals?

Sep 18, 2019
I am looking to build an ITX PC should I buy parts now or wait? Also, if I could get some second thoughts on my situation, that would be great because at $863.85 it feels a bit more expensive than I would like.

I recently had an expensive laptop repair giving my main work station maybe another year or two before it dies again. I cannot justify spending more on this or another laptop but I do still need a back up backpack pc. I do CAD work mostly with Fusion 360 and Inventor as a hobby maker and would like to make my own case later. This is a first time build for me so I am starting with the Node 202 and some parts I can later move to a slimmer custom ITX case without wasting too much money on parts I need for measurements. I also have Amazon points rather than cash to spend. Would be happy for any thoughts or advice.

Node 202 Case - $67.99

R5 2600 CPU + Wraith Stealth Cooler - $118

Gigabyte B450 ITX MOBO (not happy being limited to a single M.2 long term)- $99.99

T-Force 2x8GB 3000Mhz Ram - $70.99

RX 580 8GB (I want 3 display ports for testing a triple monitor set up) - $169.99

Sabrent 1TB NVMe M.2 - $109.98

ENP-7660B FLEX PSU 600W (SFX PSU's are too big for any ITX case I am interested in building in the future) - $155.00

Full HD 15.6" Matte finish Laptop Screen (not sure if the viewing angles will be fine but this is for a DIY portable monitor) - $36.93

Universal 30 pin HDMI screen controller - $14.99

Thin keyboard (to integrate in a future case)- $19.99


Buy now.

Why? If the parts you desire are in demand then they will not go "on sale".

You have no way of knowing or predicting that either way.

Some parts may go on sale, some parts may not. Likely will even out in the long run.

And, (from the viewpoint of a natural cynic) any part can be sold to you. That part just may not be delivered via the "out of stock" gremlins.

Do you want to wait?
Sep 18, 2019
Thanks, it's really good to get a second opinion on a significant purchase. You bring up a good point that prices will probably even out long run. I am a bit new to "out of stock" gremlins. I wanted to buy the same PSU sold by the maker of the Z-Case PSU for $70 rather than $155 but they are out of stock potentially forever.