C2Q Q8400 or AMD Athlon II X4 630?



Hi All,

I am planing to upgrade from my system (which is a Pentium 4 lol) , I have been looking at these CPUs:

1. Core 2 Quad Q8400
2. AMD Athlon II X4 630

Well , both are quads so both will be good, but the difference of 2 MB cache makes the Q8400 makes it so expensive, as compared to AMD 630?
also I am going for a Gaming PC with a 5770, from which threads I've read the CPUs aren't the ones that increase the FPS (or maybe I am wrong) .

also I am going for a "under 150$" Crossfire motherboard , just to be future proof ;).

so which one gives more performance guys, is Intel worth the extra cash or just overpriced?
I will also be doing like HD movies and multi-tasking (I know the video card will take the movies).
also anyone knows some good AM2+ motherboards?

Thanks Everyone,
Razor GT
Dont get a socket 775 processor dead socket and way overpriced however the Q8400 is about 10% faster at the same clock but its price tag and its dead socket makes it a NO. Get the Athlon x4 630 and the 5770 that will be a very good performing system and wont cost you too much either for future upgrade ability I would get an AM3 motherboard and DDR3 RAM.


Well from what I've heard the Phenom x3s 4th core can be unlocked, so can the Athlon x3s 4th core be unlocked because my friend says there is nothing such as a triple core they just disable a core?

That is true but that disabled core is sometimes disabled because it was unstable sometimes you get lucky and get an actual quad core with one disabled. Back when they first came out the Athlons IIs were actually Phenom II denab dies with the L3 and a core disabled those were great finds but now they use the Propus die which has no L3 cache on the die at all. Its about a 50/50 chance of being unlocked odds might be a little better then that IMO though if you want a quad get a quad but if an x3 will suit your needs then get that like CT said the x3 435 will give the same performance in gaming if that is your main use get that but if you are gonna be doing any video encoding or running apps that are mult threaded friendly the x4 is the way to go. Either one will be a great processor to start with just make sur you get an AM3 motherboard to leave your upgrade path wide open


ok then, but the L2 Cache is 1.5MB and whats the difference between less or more caches? the cores are same? whats the difference between L2 and L3 cache?


yes well I think i am going to go with the Athlon x4 630.
and anyone has any good ideas for a good overclockable motherboard?
and my friend has a ASUS arctic square hes selling, I will buy it but will it work on AM3 motherboards?

Lastly, runswindows95 How did you join Tom's Hardware on 1-01-1970? 0.o I don't think Internet was invented then?



Here's a good motherboard. It is the latest with USB3 and SATA 6G and afford you the most futureproofing at the moment:
It is below your $150 budget.

I don't know about he ASUS Arctic Square, what is the exact model and how much is he selling it for?


Hes Giving me for 30$ (not bad for a really good fan), it supports AM2, AM2+ but nowhere says that it supports AM3?

Well I am not quite buying it until i am positively sure it will fit into AM3,
anyways i still have 3-4 months I am just planning now, and that MSI is PERFECT!
Thank you very much much randomkid :)

The level 3 cache on the full phenom translates into a 10% speed boost. Not sure where you get this "did not make a difference" stuff from.

I agree on the cores. 4 is better than 3.

The introduction of the X4 635 brought the price of the 630 down to $99. The 620 however did not go down. So you have your choice of the 620 or 630 for about $100.

What are you talking about? The 620 and 630 are both currently C2 steppings. So it makes no difference. And they are the SAME PRICE.