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Forum discussion tagged with Heat.
  1. chiezweez

    Question Why does my ryzen 5 3600 getting the same render/export speed results compared to my old i5-4460?

    Hello. I just built a new pc using my old graphics card which is a gtx950. My old pc is an i5-4460 (stock) paired with 12gb of ram and my new pc is a ryzen 5 3600 (stock) with 16gb of ram. Im getting the same results in terms of speed in rendering and exporting h264 1080p using premiere pro. I'm...
  2. Killstreak28

    Question Dell G7 disabling turbo

    Hey guys so recently after watching a lot of videos praising the pros that come with disabling turbo boost I decided to disable it from the bios on my lovely heater (Dell g7 7590 1660ti) and well now it runs cool and nice but I’ve discovered a new issue the fans don’t spin up not unless the...
  3. Noothan98

    Question How to limit cpu and gpu temp for gaming in my laptop?

    my laptop acer nitro 5 i7 8gen gtx 1050 ti 256gb m.2 8gb ram when i play assassins creed odyssey, gpu and cpu temps are reaching 93-94 celsius, even after having low graphic settings. i installed msi after burner and tried to set a temperature limit, but temp limit in afterburner has no access...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] New Case, Bigger CPU Cooler, Bigger Ambient Heat Problems

    Hey there, everyone. I don't know if there's any sort of solution to this that I'm not seeing and would greatly appreciate the help or any sort of advice in helping to understand what's going on. I recently purchased an Antec P101 Silent case because I was wanting to quiet down my air-cooled PC...
  5. D

    Question New CPU overheats like crazy when idle...

    Ive been using an old pc for quite some time.Im not much of a gamer so it wasn't a problem for me.I would use FL Studio and other virtual instruments frequently. Not long ago,my old cpu AMD Athlon x2 250 has died,it was an old and incredibly bad cpu. I wasn't thinking of upgrading my pc to a...
  6. PinaCaroline

    Build Advice Cant fit my radiator in?

    Hi so i have a fractual design focus g case and following pcpartpickers, it recommended the corsair icue h100i rgb pro xt.l 240mm... so i bought it... it doesn’t fit the top too wide tried to slightly bend the optical drive area to fit but i cant? And i accidentally screwed some of the coils...
  7. P

    Question Need Hot Noctua computer tips

    Hello! I have a temperature problem with my computer and want to ask for tips on what to do. first of all my components: CPU - Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6 GHz 8-Core CPU Cooler - Noctua NH-D15 82.5 CFM CPU GPU - Palit GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER 8 GB GameRock MB - Asus PRIME Z390-A ATX LGA1151 CHASSI -...
  8. U

    Question ASUS Laptop Cooling Problem When tabbing in and out.

    Greetings all I got an ASUS ROG G752VT Laptop with 16GB ram and an I7-6700HQ CPU with a GTX 970M, tried to record some gameplay days ago and noticed that the game was a bit sluggish when hovering my mouse over some spots, tabbed out to open up MSI Afterburner to check the temps, it showed me...
  9. V

    Question Noise level difference between builds in different size cases

    I'm about to choose all the parts to my new PC however i wonder whether i should use an atx, micro atx or mini itx case for it. I am mostly concerned about thermals and noise level. Is anyone able to tell me what the delta would be?
  10. C

    Question CPU heat Problem

    Hello Friends; I'm using and I7 3930k processor with asus Rampage 4. Becuase in was making small over clocking was using a corsair 100i cooler. a while ago when i cleaning i made a shortcut on cable and cooler stop working without getting aware i started the computer after ashort time pc slowed...
  11. Orbit Storm

    Question Texture flickering + disappearing. Heat or failing GPU?

    When playing Call of Duty: Warzone, I've been experiencing tremendously bad texture issues after a few games. Flickering, disappearing, stretching, quality changes, what have you. I'm uncertain if this is a heat issue but GPU usage appears to remain 100%. CPU is somewhere around 60%. Doesn't...
  12. S

    Question Is my laptop temps high?

    hey guys.i recently bought a ASUS ROG G531GU with this specs: Intel Core i7 9750H 16gb ram ddr4 256gb SSD + 1tb H.D.D GTX 1660ti 6gb when i play gmaes like metro exodus or rainbow six siege my laptop gets too high i checked my GPU and CPU temps with CoreTemp and GPU Z and the result is: gpu...
  13. G

    Question Do I bother re pasting my CPU at 5 years??

    My Core rig is 5 years old. sporting a i5 4690K. I just dropped a new RX 5700 XT graphics card in and thought about putting some fresh thermal paste on the CPU. But When testing under heavy load My max core Temp Hit was 53C... Do I even bother? I use a cooler master Hyper N520 cooler. case fans...
  14. X

    Question 3900x Temps Are Insanely High

    Okay, so I recently built a 3900x based system 3900x (under volted because 1.48v stock is way too much imo) Corsair H100i Platinum AIO (Reseated it with fresh past aswell, nice thin layer all across the IHS) Asus ROG X570-E Gaming X-Trio 2080 Trident Z Neo 3600 32gb. (DOCP Enabled) Rm750w PSU...
  15. Atterus

    Question Motherboard durability

    Hello all! I had a question regarding more typical motherboards on the market. I see most usually indicate the temperatures they can get up to before having trouble, but I wanted some slightly more in depth information. I'm looking for a commercially available motherboard that can operate in...
  16. Thundurh

    Question Parts overheating

    Hello. Whenever I play games my 980 Ti is in the 75-80 C range. Is that too hot? I would like to know how to decrease these temps if so! Thankss
  17. fall3n

    Question Z390 Designare graphics card sizing

    A few months ago I built a PC with a GA Z390 Designare motherboard. Everything works but I remember that due to the components on the motherboard, the graphics card did not fit in the slots so I had to buy a PCi extender, plug that into the motherboard on one side and the GPU on the other and...
  18. 1

    Question 7700k Running Warm

    Hi everyone, I've had this prebuilt for about 4 years now and finally decided to start upgrading pieces. The components are an i7-7700k processor on an Asus tuf z270 mk2 mobo. It has a pretty bad 600-watt PSU that I'm soon replacing and an EVGA Geforce gtx 2060 6gb (mini) that I'm also soon...
  19. N

    Question SSD upgrade, heat rise afterwards

    Hello everyone! First of all, sorry, if I posted this in wrong category. I'm using Dell Inspiron 7577 laptop with i5-7300HQ and GeForce GTX 1050Ti. After almost 2 years of usage, I decided to upgrade my memory (both, RAM and disk). Now it's running with 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD (stock) and 512 GB...
  20. wobbleidz

    [SOLVED] Asus ROG laptop with high temps!

    Hey there, I have an Asus ROG Strix GL703 laptop that gets really high temps and so out of option at this point. If anyone can give me some pointers on what else I could do to make it better, that'd be so great. Config: i7 7700HQ // GTX 1060 // 16 GB RAM // 128 GB SSD / 1 TB HDD // 120hz - 17"...