Can i overclock past a 680?


OK so i was told before i bought my gtx 670 that i would have been able to overclock it past 680 stock at least... and now im being told otherwise, is this true? i have my 670 clocked at core-1241 mem-3512


Okay so yea your Power Edition card is already factory overclocked to my knowledge I would imagine yes you could push that card MSI cards have been great cards to overclock other than that the only gripe I have about your system is your ram man but you are addressing that smart man and nice deal on the ram by the way. Ha! I got my gold last night I so I'm a newbie :p Yea about not picking up on his signature ~bonks head~ But I'm glad you came to the light and got a intel chip its become a very difficult thing to recommend amd wise and that really saddens me because that is where I started with a socket 939 when AMD was taking Intel out back to do the dirty.
Do you get pretty good temps within your case?



yeah i get good temps with teh gpu(never above 62) but with my cpu clocked up to 3.3 im getting like 80+ with intel burn test so tahts why im getting water cooling have a thread right now about it :D
lol broken ankle hey now thats my 670 you are talking about :p The only real difference is the cuda cores 192 difference. You have the better value card my friend. Just a bummer that you probably cant water cool your card the power edition cards I believe don't have a water block for them if they do man do post it here I would love to pass it on to my buddy bigcyco1



ok so im confused will i ever be able to get better fps in everything than a 680 stcok? i mean i get 49.9 fps and 1258 on heaven so im not sure if that is good but..
Depends on the card....all 670s are not created equal.... here's the champ
Yes, you've seen correctly, the ASUS GeForce GTX 670 Direct CU II TOP is the first graphics card ever that I gave a perfect ten score. The stock GeForce GTX 670 provides already great performance, but ASUS has topped that by boosting it with a large overclock out of the box which catapults it beyond GTX 680 performance levels. Averaged over all our testing we see the card 1% faster than GTX 680 and 8% faster than GTX 670.
MSI's GTX 670 Power Edition is another formidable custom-design GTX 670 implementation. Thanks to its overclock out of the box, it matches performance of NVIDIA's much more expensive GTX 680 spot on. Compared to the stock GTX 670, the performance increase is 7% averaged over all our benchmarks.

There's also the over volting issue which may be why your being told not to OC it.,18013.html
In short, the PWM controller on said cards is overvolted by up to 88 percent using a small alteration to its power supply, which leads to the chip running way outside of its specifications and at significantly deviating characteristic lines. This means that too much voltage is being applied to the GPU in general and the voltage reduction under load (droop) is not as large as it should be -- and that's just one side of the story. The other is that MSI’s tinkering can cause serious side effects.....A small component completely superfluous to the normal circuit in one of the ground connections causes major overvoltage in the PWM chip in question – instead of the 5 volts specified by Richtek, the chip is hit with up to 9.3 volts. That can’t be good for its life expectancy in the long run and also causes the issues we mentioned above.

Cards produced after November 2012 are supossed to have eliminated this "feature".
Well the volting issue was later denied and retracted although it did cause me to return my 660Ti PE for a Gigabyte GTX670OC. And the main reason why the top card is so good is because of the cherry picked GPU. And yes your card will be subject the silicon lottery but with how close the 670 and the 680 are its not unrealistic to think that a 670 can not pass a 680 in a overclock :)


yeah i thought about the dc2 top but i figured not to because i heard(in reviews) that many of them had failed and were not reliable but i didnt see a single one for the power edition, also again i would really like some feedback on whether the 1241 overclock is a good overclock
Here's MSI's response.... they did not deny it, the cards after Nov 2012 removed this "feature"

we're able to provide more power to the board resulting in higher and longer GPU Boost operation .....Our new production models with normal GPU Boost function will be on sale next month.,news-40416.html

In early production runs Asus did cherrypick the GPUs....but whether CPU or GPU as the production line matured, yields get better and Asus no longer needed the cherrypicking. I have gotten 6 outta 6 670 DCII's beyond the levels of the TOP edition speeds in the techpowerup article.

MSI is doing the stand up thing and honoring the warranty .... Im just guessing that concern about the issue is why you were being told not to try and pass the 680 as the overvolted ones matched the 680 and they don't wanna push them higher and increase the chance of a failure

1241 isn't bad at all.... I usually shoot for 1280 on the DCII's .... don't always get there tho. I saw a lot of forum posts on TOP failures that people "heard about", no links to reviews tho.,23.html

Original / This sample / Overclocked
Core Clock: 915 MHz / Core Core Clock: 1058 MHz / Core Clock: +50 MHz
Boost Clock: 980 MHz / Boost Clock: 1137 MHz / Boost Clock: ~1280 MHz
Memory Clock: 6008 MHz / Memory Clock: 6008 MHz / Mem Clock: +475 MHz = 6958 MHZ
You probably wont feel a huge difference in games anyway with that card even with the stock overclock over a 680. And I didn't know that about them stopping the use of cherry picked GPU's are there components on the top series that are different then between that and the regular directcuII cards?
Basically it means this. So you know that chips are made from silicon and chips aren't created equally some are able to take more abuse more power more heat everything and the better the threshold the better the overclock normally same goes with CPU's as well. So it was to my understanding still waiting on a response that the TOP cards are there "TOPS selected chips" which essentially means they cherry picked there GPU's hence the price unless the TOP cards have other things like better chokes, mosfets, and caps then the regular DirectcuII cards.

The 560-448 was a "toned down 570" as it was a 570 (GF114) with one of the shader modules that didn't pass testing or was disabled. The 670 GPU on the other hand is not a "toned down" 680.

What you may be thinking of is that some manufacturers used the 680 PCB to mount the 670 GPU to provide a more robust platform for OC'ing the 670. However the 670 and the 680 are completely different GPUs:

The 670 uses the GK104 GPU w/ 1344CUDA Cores and 102.5Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec)
The 680 uses the GK110 GPU w/ 1536CUDA Cores and 128.8 Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec)

As far as "running rings" around a 680, as you can see above, at techpowerup, the Asus TOP scored best with a 1% win over the stock 680.....At Guru3D, which is the biggest 670 OC I have seen, we see a whopping 4% win (9839/9458) over the stock 680. The 680 OC'd comes in at 10608 .... 8% faster than the 670 TOP at max OC.,23.html

I don't understand the comparison of an overclocked 670 versus a stock 680. Well it may be worthy of comment in discussing nVidia's market strategy, I doubt there's ever been a user who said:

"Well I'm gonna get a 670 because I can overclock it to 680 performance levels but no way would I consider overclocking a 680".

When I think about running rings about something, I think of for example Son No. 2's box upstairs ..... he bought two GTX 560 Ti TOPs instead of his originally planned GTX580. When ya can get 40% more performance for 80% of the cost, that's what I call "running rings around" territory .....

However I would agree with you that the 680's performance advantage does not offset its extra cost. A performance advantage of 8% for a 28% price difference is a bit to short for me.