Can I update my graphics card?



Hi everybody, I have an Acer computer with an 946GZ chipset its video ram is 256mb which is a decent amount along with 2GB of RAM with dual processors. The problem is that, I can't play any games like battlefield 2 because it doesn't have Pixel shaders, or anything I downloaded the latest drivers but even that didn't fix it.

My question to you is Can I upgrade it with a simple video card like NVidia or something? or would I have to change the whole motherboard because it is a chipset? thanks in advance...btw it's bus interface is PCI I assume that this is the graphics slot what card would you recommend also would there be any problems with uprading thanks in advance....
Take the side off the computer and take a look inside to see which slot/s are there, you may find this helpful in identifying which your system has:

While the side is off, also take a look at the PSU, post back with the outputs on the rating label, although I suspect it will be very low:(
Also post the rest of the specs: Exact CPU, memory, case type- is it a normal ATX or slimline? and monitor size and resolution.


ok, I will open it up and take a picture because to be honest I don't know the exact CPU type and other things that are needed so maybe you could identify the perfect video card or equiptment that I need to upgrade it....


Ok I got some pictures, and the information from CPU-Z as you requested here they are...

Manufacturer - Acer
Model- E946GZ
Chipset Intel- 946PL/GZ
SouthBridge Intel 82801GB (ICH7/R)

Brand - Phoenix Technologies LTD
Date 6/01/2007

Type DDR2
Size 2048 MBytes
Channels# Dual
DC Mode Symmetric

DRAM Frequency 333.4MHZ
CAS#Latency (CL) 5.0 clocks
RAS# to CAS# Delay(tRCD) 5 clocks
RAS# Precharge 5 clocks
Cycle Time (TRAS) 15 clocks
Command Rate 1T

Memory Slot Selection
Module Size - 1024 MBYTES
MAx Bandwith pc2-5300 (333 MHZ)
Correction - None

Timings Table

Frquency 200MHZ
CAS#Latency 3
RAS# to CAS# 3
RAS# Precharge 3
tRAS 9
tRC 12
Voltage 1.8V

Frquency 266MHZ
RAS#to CAS# 4
CAS#Latency 4.0
RAS# Precharge 4
tRAS 12
tRC 16
Voltage 1.8 V

Frquency 333MHZ
CAS#Latency 5.0
RAS#to CAS# 5
RAS# Precharge 5
tRAS 15
tRC 20
Voltage 1.8V

Intel (R) 946GZ Express Chipset Family
Revision 2
Memory Size 384 Mbytes

So is it possible to upgrade or not :)




it dosen't say anything its just whited out :l
@ ultraslan1988: The MB has a PCI-E x16 slot, so that's OK.
Take a close-up shot of the PSU label, I can just see the ratings below the FSP logo but cannot make the figures out.
Why the upgrade? The reason I ask is that for HD or even normal video playback you can install a HD4550 (ATI) or 9400 (Nvidia) without problems, right now and see an instant improvement, but for games the upgrade will need to be more powerful, which my require a PSU upgrade.


The PSU is only 250W, that's why I am so limited I guess I just want the upgrade to play the occasional game and to run a more advanced video editor the current one I have isn't very good.

I don't have much of a budget, only £40 so I will probably spend most of it on a a video card and the rest on a PSU. would 400 be aequate enough to run ga
mes like battlefield 2 and GTA 4??? here are the ones I am thinking of buying....

any feedback would be appreciated...
I do not think either of those PSUs are suitable, they're both unknown makes and neither has a 8-pin motherboard connector, which I think you'll need-I would VERY strongly advise you to avoid them like they had the Plague and Man Flu.
The HD4650 draws a tiny amount of power, directly from the motherboard. I would say that it would run on your existing PSU (at maximum draw it takes 40Watts-less than 4 amps). It might run BF2 and GTA IV but it is a low-end card, do not expect it to run them at high settings and resolutions.
Ignore the 6200, you'd be better off sticking with integrated.


can you give me the link to the graphics card then please? because I searched it up and it says that it needs 400 Watts =/ I don't mind if it dosen't play on maximum settings as long as it works