can't install fleet command on xp



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| can anybody help with this problem? thanks in advance.
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There's a patch available from EA:

Try installing and playing that using 95/98 Compatibility mode.

To install a program using Windows XP's Compatibility Mode, hold
down SHIFT as you insert the game CD, use My Computer to browse
to the setup program, and then skip down to step 1 in the list below:

To run an installed program using Windows XP's Compatibility Mode,
first right click the program and "Send To..." / Desktop (create shortcut).

1.. Right click on the shortcut to the program.
2.. Click on Properties.
3.. Click on the Compatibility tab.
4.. Click on Run this program in compatibility mode and select one of these:
a.. Windows 95
b.. Windows 98
c.. Windows NT 4
d.. Windows 2000
5.. Under Display settings, check mark the mode that you think that is best:
a.. Run in 256 colors.
b.. Run in 640 X 480 screen resolution.
c.. Disable visual themes.

Click on Apply.Click on Ok.Double click on the program.

Of course, let's not forget to check for any patches or updates for that game.
A good place to find them is:

If you'd like to learn more information about compatibility mode, you can click the
link in the Compatibility tab that reads "Learn more about program compatibility",
or watch this Application Compatibility Power Point Presentation:

Cheers, Windows XP MVP Shell / User
Jimmy S.

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Nov 6, 2003
It will not install at all or it wont start after it is installed ?

That is an older DOS type game and XP does not have a full DOS instruction set, it is an NTFS file structure and Microsoft decided they did not need a full "DOS instruction set" that Windows 98 and 98SE has.

NTFS is a protected file structure on your hard drive Not a big deal really and as most of us have found out a real pain in the ass for general users.
DOS is 16-bit and is no longer supported by WinXP... with good reason. With newer OSes, you're going to have to sacrifice some of your older, legacy apps. That's not to say you can't get some DOS-based software running with XP... but the list is short and it's not worth the time.