Jan 20, 2003
Hello. I am about to create a video capture system to convert old vhs to dvd. I was wondering if having a dedicated graphics card would make a difference in performance/quality of video capturing versus an onboard graphics solution such as the nForce2 IGP. If so, what should the minimun specs be for the graphics requirement.


I currently have a MSI GeForce4 Ti4200-8x 128mb with video in capability(Philips SAA7108E chip). Is getting a dedicated capture card such as Pinnacle Studio 9DX better? Reading many video capturing guides online, all of them dont specify what card to use, it seems to imply the method of capturing is relatively the same, so long as the capabilities are the same. Thanks.

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Feb 17, 2001
dedicated graphics card include MPEG2 encoder which doesn't need lot cpu usage & their quality is better than onboard components.

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First, you cannot capture with onboard nforce IGP. Second, VHS resolution and quality is not that high, so expensive capture card are not really needed here. I use to capture TV and VHS at 352x240 with MPEG-2. Anything more than that is waste of time and space

I have aa AMD 2500+ oc to 2.4GHz with a ATI All-in-wonder Radeon 8500DV. Even without overclocking, that is plenty for that. Before I had an AMD 1700+ on a KT266a board.

512 megs RAM is minimun, 1 gigs is recommanded for editing. Also, a fast HDD is a must too. My capture/edit drive is a RAID0 drive.

I would give a try with your current system and if you are satisfied, go with it. If not, I would have a look at ATI AIW serie. depending if you want to play or not, then the AIW 9000 should be good for capture and multimedia stuf, but not good for games. AIW 9600 or9800 serie are better for gaming, but more expensive.

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