Jun 9, 2012
Well, I'm thinking to get a new case, but I really don't know much about good cases. I want to see what do you guys think about Corsair, NZXT, Cooler Master cases.

Im not a hardcore gamer or a graphic designer, but i like great looking cases. My sistem specs:
Asus micro-atx MoBo
CM Hyper 212+
Samsung Spinpoint 1 TB HDD
As you can see, nothing special, but I will upgrade it in a couple of months.

Here in mexico, cases are pretty expensive, for example, the NZXT H2 Classic costs about 120 dollars, for an example.

These are the cases i can afford, less 100 dollars aprox:
NZXT H2 Classic
NZXT 410
Corsair 400R

I want to know what do you think about this cases, reviews, photos, i don't know.
You can suggest cases, but as i said, here in mexico, is very difficult to get a "decent" case for a low price.

Sorry for my bad engish and thanks

for a good looking case with all the required features,i would suggest phantom 410.



here's a good review from techpowerup.com where this sweet thing scores a solid 9.2
good luck with your choice ;)


Mar 19, 2012
i second the phantom 410. im thinking about getting the full sized tower phantom which is 110 with tax and all (if you get the white/red trim one) on newegg.
all the reviews are nice and its very sturdy (the 410 included) and looks stylish.


Jun 9, 2012
The Phantom 410 looks great, it costs almost the same as the NZXT 410 (Here in mexico), the only thing is the color, the only color I can get is the grayish case, it won't look as good as the black version. But still a nice choice to have.

The Haf 912 is also great, I like more the 912+, but is almost imposible to get the plus version of this case.

I have to choose between the Pantom 410 and the Tempest 410.

Any opinions about the Tempest 410? It has a great black finish, lots of places to put fans, space behind the motherboard for cable managment.

HAF 922 is around $100 and it will provide superior air flow than the Tempest 410.

Anyway I like the Tempest more than the Phantom, I like the side window and nothing wrong about the air flow.

i am a big fan of HAF series but their appearance sucks(at least for me).phantom 410 provides both high performance and good lucks :)