Oct 22, 2012
Someone at my firm told me that, a particular colour coding of cat 6 cable will help increase the limit of the cable length. I went through books and forums, dint find anything, is this true? and if so wat coding?
Go back and laugh at him.

Cat 6 and cat 5e both will go 100m at gig ethernet speed. There is some specialized equipment that can use the same wire to go more distance at a slower speed but it is not running ethernet.

The color of the plastic means nothing to speed. If you were to buy a large cable with 50 pair there are many more than the standard 4 color pairs.

Now that is not to say you can't wire it incorrectly and DECREASE the distance, you mix the leads of the pairs up and you can easily get a cable that does not work.
Tell your work person that if he colors his car yellow he'll all 30 miles to his top speed.

The only thing that matters with cable color is if a company standardizes on something. For example, they'd use Black cables for a printer connection on a static IP, blue cables for a computer and green for a thin client. Red is commonly used for a cross over cable. But none of that is based on any standards.