Question Chipset Driver from AMD's site OR Motherboard manufacturer's site?


Oct 18, 2017

Processor : Ryzen 3 1200
Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-A320M-HD2
I have never installed AMD chipset drivers for my PC and usually let Windows 10 decide that. But I've upgraded my BIOS to F23 - 8/82018 last year.

QuestionS :
  1. What should i get? Gigabye/AMD/Both? (I need balanced power support, I believe that it comes from the AMD's site.)
  2. AM I LOOKING UNDER THE CORRECT SECTIONS? Official AMD Blog says the power plan comes with 17.10* version but the version is listed as in the AMD site? Is it the correct version? (Check the links above)
  3. Can i just install the AMD version and be done with it? I do not need any bloatware installed on my PC.
  4. Or does the new driver benefits only the new 3000 line-up and I should not worry about it? Does the newer chips-set drivers help the Ryzen 3 1200/ A320/Win 10 set ups?
  5. ----OR---- Should Ignore this by applying "Not broken? Dont fix it" methodology?
My PC is pretty important to me, right now it works fine and I do not want to screw up anything. Please help me on this since I'm new. I've posted about this on several subs but the help and response for this seems poor.

Thanks in advance.


Recommend to get the chipset driver from AMD, because they are newest one, check the released date. The newer chipset should let the pc runs better, but you can ignore it too, because your PC runs fine now. And if you just download and install the chipset driver, that will not screw up your PC, but update the BIOS may or may not brick your MB, if you don't do it right.