Cleaning out my dad's work computer.


Jun 25, 2006
This is probably not the right forum, but I don't know where else to post it (in Tom's Hardware). Anyway, about a year ago, my dad got a new computer from his company because it was time for an upgrade. My dad bought the old computer from them for $5 (for home use), but they had to clear out some valuable corporate information. It has really old hardware with Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1. There is a bunch of software that I don't want (and a lot that I do want). I tried uninstalling the programs from Add or Remove Programs, but I can't. For example, a message would appear like "An error occurred while trying to remove Citrix\CA Client. You do not have access to \UNWISE.EXE. You can specify the new uninstall program below." So I suppose the programs were installed from the companies network. So is there any way to clean up the crapola of files and settings without losing valuable software?


You could manually delete the directory under program files for the software you dont want. Then do a regedit, backup first, and delete any reference to that program. There will probably still be files from the removed software in various windows directories left over, but these shouldn't hurt anything.

I am suprised that the company didnt wipe the drive first. The removed data could easily be recovered using the correct software if they didnt do it correct in the first place.