[SOLVED] Clone Larger HDD to SSD without files ?

Jun 27, 2022
I have the OS installed on a HDD 4 times larger than the SSD to which i need to clone the system + drivers + maybe installed programs. Is it possible to clone everything except the files like audio, video, rar? Without them the data would fit on the SSD but I don't have a third drive big enough to do a full backup.


No not from a single partition, cloning software wouldn't know the difference and can't purge only the os. If drive was partitioned, an area for only the os, then yeah can be done.

You'll want to get an external drive for backup purposes before you go ahead with this.
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I would move the personal files (video, audio, rar, doc, etc) to a separate D drive on the 4 TB.....assuming the remaining non-personal files would be small enough to fit on the new SSD.

Then make an image file of ALL partitions on the 4 TB EXCEPT that new D.

Then restore the image file to the new SSD.

After you confirm that the new SSD is bootable by itself, delete the original Windows installation from the 4 TB and add that space to D on the 4 TB.

End result is 2 drives: SSD with Windows and installed programs; 4 TB containing just data.

Something like that.

Not a "clone". Instead, make an image file of specific partitions and then restore them. Two steps.