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Question Computer keeps restarting with black screen?


Feb 19, 2017
So two days ago it was lightning and suddenly the electricity went out and when it came back my Pc just won't start after hitting the power button. Then i unplugged everything in my pc, reset the Ram and Cmos battery and it started working again.

Then whenever i shutdown my Pc I noticed it doesn't shutdown normally the fans keep spinning and rgb lights are also on, only the keyboard lights are off and monitor is off. Then when i shut down with hard pressing the power button of PC and restart it again it just won't boot . PC just restarts with black screen.

So if I reset the CMOS battery the pc boots and if I try to shutdown it then the problem begins. Can anyone tell me what is the problem here? I just can't seem to understand it. My rams are in A2 and B2 slot . My PC specs are -
  1. Cpu - i5 8600k ( Not OC)
  2. Ram - Gskill trident Z 2*8 Gb ( 3000 mhz)
  3. Mobo - ASRock Z370 Extreme 4
  4. Gpu - Asus Strix Rx 480 8 Gb