Computer randomly restarting

Dec 10, 2020
I already posted this on reddit, but I'm going to ask everybody here.
About a month ago, sometimes my computer would randomly restart without a warning. I ignored it the first time, not thinking much of it, but now it happens multiple times a week. If I go to the reliability monitor, all it says is "The previous system shutdown at 10:10:00 PM on ‎12/‎9/‎2020 was unexpected." (Most recent one). I'll check this post when I have time, and I can update the post with additional information needed upon request. I'm running the latest version of windows 10, and I built this computer about 8 or 9 months ago.
Edit - Memory diagnostics didn't find anything wrong with my computer

Edit 2 - It just happened, at 3:03 while playing R6. I loaded up MSI after burner and CPU was hovering around 65 degrees celcius, while GPU was at 52 degrees celcius. I'm going to start getting used to leaving it on all the time, just in case something happens. This time was different because event viewer says that something corrupted on my SSD which is where windows is installed. I think it's just a motherboard issue because my computer does this randomly, so I don't think it's a heating issue. I really need to fix this issue soon.