Jul 17, 2011
Hi everyone,

I am currently in the middle of picking parts out. I just have 3 questions and any help is really appreciated. Info is below:

I plan to move out once my course is finished and I will probably upgrade my computer then. Do you think this rig will be okay max settings on games and all for another 1-3 years max? (I'm hoping to be out by 2 years)

I have enough money to go with 3960x and GTX 690 and if it means not upgrading and being safe for the next 2-3 years I would much rather spend it on my computer than on pointless summer holidays.

And I'm hoping that by the time I'm out, Windows 8 is done and the prices of everything has dropped and hopefully I will be in America so it will be even cheaper for me, is that stupid thinking or should I splurge and buy everything now?

No flaming, just a good decent conversation please :)

Current build in mind: 990x, GTX 590, minimum 16GB Ram, Samsung 830 512GB SSD and the rest I'm currently looking. Just need help on the CPU and GPU.

Thanks for reading my long winded post


990x is not a gaming cpu, as a 6 core its built more for editing/rendering than anything else though for gaming its will be fine, its just overkill in a big way. An I7-2600k is overkill and an i5-2500k is the sweet spot.

Also, 16gb wont work with 990x, it uses triple channel memory so you need 12 or 24.
There's no point in buying a 990x at all, it's a more dated platform and the exact same price as the 3960x. Seriously, don't even think about buying the 990x, it's twice the price of the 3930k and not even quite as good. You should only get the 3960x if you absolutely must have the best of the best. The 3930k is just as good and only lacks 3MB of L3 cache.

I highly recommend the socket 2011 platform with a 3930k and a pair of Radeon 7970s, pair of GTX 680s or a GTX 690. Put that all on an Asus x79 motherboard (P9X79 Deluxe or Rampage IV Extreme come highly recommended) along with some high speed Corsair Vengeance or Mushkin Redline DDR3 because I know they work well with both platforms.

The Samsung 830 is a good SSD but the Mushkin Chronos Deluxe SSDs are just as good and a little bit cheaper right now.

The x79 platform is very power hungry, make sure you get a good Seasonic or Enermax PSU and nothing less. The Seasonic 1250x is an amazing PSU and well worth the extra money, a good PSU is worth far more than most people think.
You don't want a 990X or 3960X, that's a workstation platform. You can get something just as fast for gaming for 1/3 that price or less.

You want a s1155 Z77 Motherboard and a i5-2500K/i7-2600K or i5-3570K/i7-3770K

The choice depending on if you want hyperthreading or not.

Fill out the new build form in the new build section if you want someone to put together a parts list for you.