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How do I create a Windows Vista system disk and will it boot an unformatted new hard disk?
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Create a Startup Disk with Vista Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise Edition

1 Insert a blank CD-R or DVD-R into your disk drive. If an Autoplay menu pops up, close it without selecting anything.
2 Open the Start menu, and in the bottom search box, type "Backup" (without quotes).
3 Select the "Backup and Restore Center" option.
4 Select "Complete PC Backup and Restore" and follow the onscreen prompts.

IF you have Home Basic or Premium - you'll need to get a copy of a disk with the restore center files which can be found HERE --- they used to offer the disk for free as a torrent but MS did not like it and thus they now have to sell the disks and pay MS a license fee for each download instead.