Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 platinum eX


Mar 13, 2003
I'm curious about the new Audigy 2 platinum eX, the specs on creatives homepage suggests that it's a good soundcard for my needs (and budget) but I'm reading a lot of bad things about creative in this forum. My budget is somewhere around 200-250us$ and I want a card for both recording, gaming and movies/music. 6 channels (even if they are unbalanced) simultanius recording is just what I'm looking for to be able to record drums on 5 tracks and the last one as a trash mix of bass and guitar. I have a good mixer to use as preamp but no fancy condenser microphones so my abilaties to good soundquality are somewhat limited anyway. Right now I just want something to get started with, at first I was thinking about getting a cheap soundcard (fortissimo III)for midiports and gaming and an audiotrak maya44 for recordning. Right now I have a videologic card with aureal 2 and it doesn't work very well under win2000 or XP so I need a new card anyway.

Does anyone have any experience of the Audigy 2 eX, does it deliver what the specs say? I'm mostly thinking about the 6 chanel recording in ASIO2 with 24/96.

In the future I'm looking at upgrading to a M-Audio Delta 1010, at least the light version but only when my budget allows a pair of good condensers to record with.


Feb 18, 2003
No, it won't give you what you want. What you need is something like an M-Audio Delta series card. They can provide up to ten inputs, digital I/O, MIDI I/O (for keyboards), and mic preamps. Remember they have some lower end ones, too. Screw Creative. As one recorder to another, stay the snot away from them.

The Audiotraks are also very nice, if you don't want to do simultaneous recording. You will find problems especially when recording the five drum tracks at different times.

Whatever you get, you must remember 99% of mainstream cards only have two analog inputs. You will need something with more than two inputs, trust me. Go with the M-Audio. It will make your life infinitely easier. The Delta 1010 is $279 at Go for it.

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