CrossFireX Not Working.


Jun 9, 2009
System Specs
CPU: Intel Q9400 OC'ed to 2.88GHz
Memory: 8GB
Mother Board: Asus P5Q-Deluex
Video Cards: XFX 4870 1GB and HIS 4870 512mb

Okay, I've just bought another GPU to boost my systems performance. The only problem is that the second card seems to be doing nothing at all. In the CCC it always shows my second GPU activity level at 0% load. I've made sure to go into CCC and enable the CrossFireX feature as well as setting my Catalyst A.I to standard. I've updated my drivers to the newest version available 9.9. In my games I have the CrossFireX icon popping up in the top right corner showing me that CrossFireX should be on and working. When I do benchmarks the results are always the same as my single, or when crossfire is off, GPU benchmarks despite the fact the CrossFire is activated and the icon is present.

I can't think of any reason why it isn't working. I've got a CrossFireX motherboard, the cards are both 4870's, and the drivers have been updated to the newest version.

Does it matter how you have your monitor hooked up? I've got my DVI plugged into the top card if that matters at all.

Has anyone heard of this issue before that might be able to help me out?