Question Device Manager Issue - USB Disconnect Sound Keeps Playing Every Couple Seconds


Oct 11, 2012
Hi all,

After having psu issues I was able to finally get my newest PC up and running. I loaded up windows 10 and installed drivers but I've ran into a very annoying issue. The USB disconnect/connect sound keeps playing every couple seconds, it's driving me crazy!
I've downloaded USB Log View to see what keeps disconnecting and this is what I got:

I also notice that the device manager refreshes every couple seconds. Upon inspecting device manager I noticed there's a device with a yellow exclamation mark:
I've tried downloading the latest driver for it but am told the best driver is already installed, have also disabled it but the disconnect sound persists despite that. I've also tried uninstalling it but nothing happens and it keeps reappearing.

I've also unplugged all USB devices, tried different USB ports but nothing changes.
I've looked up other threads and there seems to be ways to turn the noise off, but I'm not sure if simply ignoring the issue would be the best option. Any advice would be appreciated.

CPU: Ryzen 5900
RTX 3090
Asus Crosshair VIII Formula x570
Corsair 32 gb 4266 MHz
Corsair HX1200

Thanks in advance.


Win 10 Master
if you have an apple device charging on a port or hub connected to a port. it can draw too much current and a PC port will shutdown until the power draw goes below the max then it will start up again until it hits the max current.
this can also happen with bad cables, or a port that gets tweaked (bent) or usb headers plugged into motherboard with a offset.
I have even had single ports just not work but was able to go into bios and just disable the actual port.

some motherboards also have special APPLE device only charging ports. these have special drivers that allow the current to go over the max allowed current for a usb device.
Apple devices can draw 2.5 times the Max allowed current for a usb charger. (at least for usb 2.x) This can get your ports to reset over and over.