Difference in temperature reading?


Nov 11, 2011
I'd like to know why there's a difference in temperature reading between BIOS's reading and Speedfan's?
I just got a 3570k(with CM 212+ and arctic silver 5) and the idle temp according to BIOS is 33-34°C with fan running at 1200 RPM and ambient temperature at 21°C.
However, according to Speedfan, it says the temperature is 27-28°C with the same settings. Isn't that a pretty big difference?

Also, if it is 33-34°C, is that an acceptable idle temp for 3570k? I tried googling it and there seems to be a lot of deviations and 33°C 'seems' like the average, but I'd just like to confirm(although I read some people saying that temp on load is what really counts). My last CPU was Q8400 and its idle temp was 23-24°C with the same cooler(which I recycled after cleaning with Q-tips and 99% Isopropyl). IBs do seem to generally run hotter, but I'm not sure if the temperature I'm getting is due to me seating the HSF improperly.

Thank you for reading.
Both way it should be OK. To be honest I did not care much about Idle temps, I rather care more about load temps. Your load temps must be about 60C-70C.

+1 Don't worry about idle temps (unless they're WAY out of line, but 33-34C is absolutely fine. Even low to mid 40's would be acceptable, albeit strange with a 212+).

Just watch your load temps and you'll be fine.


Jan 29, 2012
I had something similar. The MOBO Mfg provided an app for system stats. It sucked, uninstalled it. I was getting over temp alerts and it was shutting down my system. Bios temps were fine. Don't waist your time with those garbage apps.