Display problems PLEASE HELP


Jan 21, 2013
I was using my desktop computer connected to a 19" flat screen monitor for the last 6 mths i have had the desktop connected to my 42" tv and was using that as my computer screen through the VGA port, I have connected it back up to my original 19" monitor and when you switch the monitor on all it says on the screen is a box floating around a black screen saying no data supported I have asked a few friends and they are saying that it something to do with the graphics properties or something but i am not sure how to correct this my graphics card is a Nvidia 8400gs I have plugged the monitor into a friends desktop to check that it is still working and it works fine, can someone please help as i am at wit's end with and i am sure there is a simple solution.

Thanks in advance


Dec 31, 2012
remove graphics card from pc and try to run it with the integrated vga port from the motherboard.. you should be able to get into windows now. once on the desktop un-install any previous drivers and insert the drivers disc into the PC but DO NOT INSTALL DRIVERS YET. turn off the pc with the Drivers disc still inside and install the card.. (Make sure your video output is set to pci express x16 in the bios) then reboot the pc.. it should work. let us know how it goes