Question DisplayPort works in BIOS but no signal at Windows startup ?


Mar 31, 2017
I am using a dual monitor setup, My (1) main monitor on hdmi and (2) second monitor on displayport-to-hdmi adapter, I was trying to switch my (2) second monitor with the TV to watch some movies so i unplugged my (2) second monitor from the adapter and plugged the TV in the adapter, I then waited for 5 or 10 seconds but still nothing pops up so I plugged my (2) second monitor back and it just says "no signal" at first I thought the (2) second monitor itself was the problem so I tried switching my (1) main monitor and (2) second monitor but then my (1) main monitor emitted "no signal" and my (2) second monitor worked fine so I think the monitor is working fine.

I searched the forums for about an hour and tried the turning everything off, unplugging monitors and pc from power source and waiting for 1 minute then plugging my (2) second monitor only to the display port but it still didnt work, so I thought the adapter was broken.

then I tried booting to the BIOS with ONLY the displayport-to-hdmi adapter connected and to my surprise it worked, although i noticed the resolution was very poor, i then proceeded to exit bios and continue to windows only to be met by the "no signal" message on my (2) second monitor.
I also tried booting into bios with both monitors connected but it just ignored my (2) second monitor and used the (1) main monitor.
I also tried booting into bios with ONLY my (2) second monitor plugged in through displayport-to-hdmi adapter and when it was using my (2) second monitor I proceeded to plug my (1) main monitor through HDMI port then boot to windows. It resulted in my (2) second monitor turning black and saying "no signal" message then my (1) main monitor started to work normally.

also when i go to the device manager it doesn't list my (2) second monitor that's plugged into the displayport-to-hdmi adapter under the "Monitors" tab. (i know it can detect the monitor though because when i plug the (2) second monitor into the HDMI port it can detect it.)
I don't know if this is relevant but it also doesn't play the "windows sound effect (when you plug/unplug something into the pc)" whenever I plug/unplug the adapter itself into the displayport.
both HDMI cables of both monitors worked fine as i tried interchanging them and they worked as long as I plugged them on the HDMI port on my GPU
I Changed the power option to "High Performance".
as far as i know, there were no updates to windows or to my graphics driver within the timeframe that it was working and stopped working.
there is an update for my graphics card and I am currently downloading it but it'll take a day or two before i finish downloading so I wanted to try other options while I waited for the update.
I am currently unable to acquire a new adapter as the area I live in is currently in Total lockdown (due to covid).

I think both monitors work fine as long as I plug them into the HDMI port and it is the Displayport itself that is malfunctioning

my CPU is AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-core processor

I'd really appreciate if anyone can help solve this problem, Thanks!