Do I Need to do Anymore Upgrading to my Rig??


May 15, 2016
I have just upgraded my graphics card to a GTX 1070 and my monitor to an ASUS PG279q. I'm just wondering if it's really necessary to update the rest of my hardware, especially my CPU, to really get the best results at 1440p.

I have G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory and an i5 6500 CPU. Do I need to upgrade these parts too? I have spent a lot of money upgrading my rig but don't mind spending a bit more if it means getting the best out of what I've already bought.



Aug 31, 2017
Every top tier game presents a new challenge to your computer. The nVidia utility GEFORCE Experience will try to optimize a particular game to your gpu and it does a pretty good job. You have a really good setup and I would not worry about upgrades until you play a few games. I think the 1070 will make you a happy gamer.

Your CPU can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.
Memory speed typically doesn't have a large effect on computer performance. (3% - 7%)

If you decide to upgrade memory...
Get memory with a low CAS Latency (CL). For 2400 CL 12 or lower is snappy/fast.
Easy way to do the math:
Memory speed = 3000 get rid of the 2 zero's on the right = 30 then divide by 2 = 15
So CL 15 or less should be a snappy/responsive latency for that memory speed.

If you decide to upgrade your CPU...
The 6600K won't really show a large improvement in performance and wouldn't be worth the cost for you.
The 6700K may be more worth the cost but still a lot to pay for a mild improvement.
The 7700K may be an option depending on your motherboard (might need a BIOS update).
The 8700K would likely be even more of an improvement but would require a new motherboard.
(Of course, overclocking any of the above would make it that much more worth the upgrade cost.)

I personally wouldn't upgrade either one of them... yet.