Question Does leaving an unused GPU in the case damage it?


Feb 3, 2015
a bit of a newbie question, I suppose, but I'm selling an RX 570 to a friend that basically was used to install windows and crash after a YouTube video, this has happened to a previous new GPU as well and after changing the PSU it persisted, so upon closer inspection a resistor (capacitator? idk how it's said in English) on the PCI-E was completely busted beyond repair and that was just a self-defense mechanism of sorts, force shutting off after the GPU exceeds a 10-ish% load.

Afterwards I just used my onboard graphics for about a year, leaving the GPU practically unused, not drawing any power(tested it), but still sitting in the case. My friend is fully informed of that and still wants to buy it but my question is - apart from accumulating dust what damage could possibly be there?

I'll be trying that out with an R9 390X (which basically got the same treatment before replacing it with the 570) that I'll be using as a placeholder in my new build until I save up for a new graphics card, but until then I wanna know if anyone has had experience with this or knows for sure what can possibly happen.

Phillip Corcoran

Personally I'd remove it and place it in an anti-static bag, then store it somewhere safe where it won't get knocked about.

Whilst it's still sitting in the PCIe slot there's always the risk (however slight) that it could be damaged if the PSU decides to go belly-up.
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