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  1. Andy11466

    Question Graphics card prices?!

    Can anyone help me out here, I currently have a gtx 1080 FTW edition, I bought it when it first came out, and it was priced around $600 on amazon, my colleague of mine wants to upgrade his PC so I told him I might be able to sell mine to him and upgrade mine to a GTX 2080 super. I currently see...
  2. excellent_result

    Question 2560x1440 resolution

    hi everyone, i set up my new computer the other day (self-built, first time) and im not able to use 2560 x 1440 resolution. the recommended resolution is automatically set to 1980 x 1080, and when i go into display adapter properties there is no option for 2560x1440 in the list. many online...
  3. galaxyhq

    Question Graphics card no longer works / PCIE issue?

    I have a GTX 1060 and I recently opened up my prebuilt computer to fix some of the terrible cable management they did. As I was removing my graphics card the little clip on the PCIe slot to hold the card it broke off. Now when I plug in the graphics card and power on, the monitor does not come...
  4. T

    Question Should I look for a GPU with faster RAM bandwidth or with more RAM?

    So I want to know what i should look for in a GPU, performance wise. And i've stumbled onto a problem. Multiple sites are telling me RAM bandwidth is important and that as long as the RAM is not anything below 4GB, then it's fine. Others are telling me that you should focus more on RAM and that...
  5. C

    Question Weird blue pixels/noise in game?

    Just built a new PC and everything was fine until I noticed some weird blue pixels/noise outlining textures in my game (mainly warzone) I dont know what the problem is. Is it my GPU, CPU or is it a cooling problem? Link to pictures: View:
  6. Supafly666

    Question Aorus 2080 fan RPM and cooling

    Good Afternoon all, I bought myself a Aorus RTX 2080 some time ago and its been running perfectly. Over the past few weeks i have noticed some issues but im not too sure if its the card thats gone faulty or its a setting on my PC i need to change or something. Issue: Whenever playing any...
  7. martinm97

    Question My computer randomly becomes extremely choppy and near impossible to use

    Less than half a year ago I bought a mid-range PC, goes for about 1000 Canadian. It started out pretty good but now randomly when I play csgo and other games, my screen will become extremely choppy. My frames stay the exact same and if I take a clip of it and watch it, it looks like it wasn't...
  8. Boi216

    Question BCLK overclock?

    I've heard a million times how it works, but how do you do it? My BIOS has nothing about BCLK, and i have tried to look for software with only old incompatible freeware. I have a Thinkpad x220t by the way, with a 2620m.
  9. D

    Question Weird issues with Graphics

    I have been using my graphics card for about a year and I keep have these weird issues with the graphics driver crashing. In some games it would crash and when I check event viewer I always get the error Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered. I have tried...
  10. ClubSpade12

    Question Is my GPU dying?

    Here's a video: I tried to deduct it to my GPU (Gigabyte Windforce 3X GTX 770) because after underclocking and limiting power usage, the artifacts actually disappeared from the games I had tested so far. (Just Cause 2 and Rocket League) I actually...
  11. abdullah.ahmed9003

    Question Laptop turns off under heavy use and it's not a cooling problem

    My laptop works fine when using adobe premiere or emulating ps2 games but whenever I try to play gta v it just turns itself off when the cutscene starts... I thought at first it was the fan so I put an ice pack over it to test that theory and despite the laptop being ice cold it shutdown.. I...
  12. rcheulishvil

    Question What will be my bottleneck?

    So I searched online for info, but got mixed opinions everywhere. My build: I5 9400f GTX 1070 8GB Evga 24 gb of RAM I'm planning to upgrade to 1080Ti - but will my CPU be a bottleneck? Is it a bottleneck already for 1070? I mean I play all the games on ultra from 2018 with 60 fps (I don't...
  13. Rupert_Aqua

    Question Why is my fps stuttering in most games with these specs?

    Hey these are my pc's specs, pretty low end but ive seen alot of videos of games running extremely well on them, when i play i get a large amount of fps stuttering and lowering the graphics in most games dosent seem to help. Are there any upgrades i can make to this to stop my fps stuttering and...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] What can I upgrade my AMD FX4300 and R7 200 series to for gaming?

    What can I upgrade my AMD FX4300 and R7 240 series to for gaming? I have a desktop and I've got the ga-78lmt-s2 mb, and a ss-620w the 80+ bronze psu. My budget im trying to keep less than $400 but i'm not sure what all I'd need to upgrade. hit me with what you got! Thanks in advance!
  15. hoopty_handler

    Question Staggered GPU Setup Not Working

    I upgraded my system from an fx8350 CPU paired with an MSI 970 Gaming mobo to a Ryzen 5 3600 and ASRock B450 Steel Legend. This has caused my "staggered" gpu set-up (1050ti & Gt730) to throw a fit, with the 1050ti being the sole graphics provider. I use the 1050ti for the gaming / main monitor...
  16. U

    Question RX 580 Pixel Stretch Artifact Problem

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with multiple games (World War Z, Modern Warfare). As you can see from this video (not mine but this is what it looks like) there seems to be some pixel stretching happening. I tried underclocking but the problem still persist. I think it's not a problem of...
  17. M

    Question Heeeeeeeeelp

    Hi , I’ve had problems since day one with this pc I’ve built , went flying into the deep end with no knowledge. Everything runs okay , fortnite runs perfectly. NOW when running newer games like call of duty or destiny my graphics are TERRIBLE and sometimes abkut 10 minutes in my computer...
  18. T

    Question Advice on Graphics upgrade

    Hi Current specs : Cooler master storm enforcer Case i7 2600k CPU Water cooling 2x6970 Radeon GPU Crossfire 16GB Ram DDR3 Corsair Vengeance 60GB SSD 320GB HDD 850W PSU ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe Motherboard Any advice on graphics card upgrades for my PC, looking to be able to run planet coaster 4K if...
  19. J

    Question Is a Display Port GPU with HDMI Monitor OK?

    I am planning on buying an RTX 2070 Super, of which has three Display ports and one HDMI port. I use two monitors which both only have HDMI ports... Is it ok to use a convertor of some sort to use one of the Displayports to HDMI? Will this effect performance at all? Thank you in advance!
  20. O

    Question PC won't turn on with 8 pin cable plugged into GPU

    I boutght parts for bulding a new pc. My Configurations are core i5 9400f 16GB Ram Z390 a-Pro motherboard Gigabyte RTX 2060 OC 6GB. Corsair 600w RGB Psu So i assembled everything totally fine. But the issue is when i connect the 8 pin pci cable to my gpu. Pc wont start ,just the front light...