Jun 15, 2009

Right now I have a 22' TFT monitor, and a 19' CRT lying around. I thought I could hook them up as a dual screen setup, but the results were not really good..

I have an nvidia 9600GT graphics card, and tried to set things up trough it's nview app. Is it really impossible to set the two screens to different resolutions/refresh rates?
My TFT goes on 1680x1050, and the CRT 1280x960 (refresh rates are 60mhz and 100mhz).
Whenever I tried to set things up, I could only set one resolution and refresh rate... (settings for the other monitor were disabled)
Is this a software (nview's) issue or this is natural?


Jun 7, 2006
Why don't you try directly from Windows:
- right click Desktop -> Properties -> Settings tab
- click on each display and set a resolution
- to set different refresh rates, click the Advanced button in the Settings tab, and go to the Monitor tab; do this for each monitor to set individual refresh rates.
Make sure you are running the Latest Forceware Drivers.

There should be no issues running both displays at different resolutions.
I have done just that on both nVidia and AMD boards and the process was always straightforward.
Did you make sure to set it to extend your desktop, not mirror it?
Perhaps try setting both displays to the same refresh rates and their individual resolutions?