Mar 9, 2012
I sit at work thinking I have the "most update" whatever to do whatever, tranfer doc to dvd's or cd's. Heaven forbid anyone to provide information as it's sacred. am told DVD's hold more info, slide the dvd in.. oh, turns out my "HARD DRIVE only does CD"--- yes, I would love a class in pc 101... where can I find it.. and now i see drives vs writers.. what's the difference there???? please help
What would you like to know , your post is very confusing , rambling almost. Hard drive only does cd , what is ment by that? Drives vs writers again are you asking a specific question? Are you rerferring to dvd read vs write ?
If you would like to ask specific questions I would be happy to answer them. The information that I have is for whoever wants it and it's free.