Question Dxgi_Error_Device_Hung - 5700xt - Have tried all fixes, none work!

Jul 10, 2021
Okay, so first off here's my PC specs:

MOBO - ASRock B450 Pro4
GPU - Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB GDDR6
CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7Ghz 8 cores
RAM - Hyper X Fury 32GB 3600 Mhz, DDR4 CL17 (not at max speeds due MOBO and CPU)
PSU - 850 Watt ToughPower GF1
Storage - I have a 500 GB SSD for booting and a few apps, 1TB SSD for games, and a 2TB HDD for music/FL Studio.

"Dxgi_Error_Device_Hung" - I have gotten this error, and a few others i cant remember while playing Apex, Valorant, Cyberpunk, Fallout 76, Sea of Thieves, Hunt: Showdown, Warzone, and Path of Exile. One of them straight up says "GPU failed to render" in the error. I have had it crash on a game called Resolutiion, which is an 8bit game, while i had a youtube video open on my other screen. It also crashes Streamlabs OBS sometimes. I have tried everything under the sun, on every forum i could possibly find to fix this issue. I brought it into Microcenter who had it for a week and couldn't find an issue, saying the GPU was totally fine. What makes it extra frustrating is I can sometimes go days, maybe even over a week with zero crashes, then get 15 in a span of 5 days or multiple in one day.

What causes the problem:
99% of the crashes are just from playing the game normally. Its NEVER during a heavy load, like multiple teams fighting with explosions everywhere. Its the absolute most random times. I will open a door in Apex, or be just running down an open field. Sea of Thieves we will just be on the boat sailing and i drop. Hunt i will use darksight, or just sometimes turn my gun around. In fact, ive never had a crash during a fight in any of the games. Its stable every time.

Now this is a more recent one - I will sometimes have youtube open, or streamlabs, and if i click out of it to do something, or pull up another video on my other screen in discord or something it will crash streamlabs or youtube and close down those apps. Granted far less annoying to deal with, because im not actively in a game. But its still happening. Its like my PC can only handle a single thing at a time, and even then games still crash sometimes.

Heres what i've tried so far:
Edit registry Tldr to 8 seconds
Uninstall drivers using DDU, reinstall drivers. Ive done this like 20 times. Ive tried both not installing the Radeon launcher and just the drivers, and the typical Radeon launcher.
Rolled back drivers, but doesnt help because none are more stable than others. I just keep updating in hopes one fixes it
Reinstalled Windows, did a full clean install
Verified all the games files/ reinstall games
Changed screens from borderless to fullscreen
Windows updates
Direct X up to date
Edited/Disabled/Lowered multiple settings like Anti-Aliasing, VSYNC, Anisotropics, VRAM use, Effects, Shadow Details, Models Details, Lighting, etc.
Turned settings down to the absolute bare minimum, has no effect
Change RAM, the current ones are not the originals, and crashes happen on both. Memtest shows that the RAM is in good condition
Install new PSU, was 600w, now 850w
Changed power options
Undervolting GPU
Updated BIOS and chipset drivers. Then saw a suggestion to revert them. Still crashed, so updated again
Changed multiple BIOS settings (dont remember exactly) in regards to speeds and options per some other threads
Run sfc /scannow
Upped fan speeds during games to keep case cooler, however temps have never gotten high per all the measurements apps i looked at
CPU is not overclocked. Just running it at stock speeds
Microcenter ran the GPU on a tester for 24 hours with no crashes, leading them to believe its not the GPU at fault.
Changed DP cables, crashed on old HDMI cables anyways
Turned off Win10's "game mode"
Checked if ESET was blocking anything, completely disabled it. No changes. Enabled ESET's "Gamer Mode," no changes.
All 3 storage devices have been checked for health and are good to go. Games have been moved from one drive to another to see if it would help
I sent help tickets to AMD, all they ever tell me to do is make sure drivers are installed properly, update windows and BIOS and thats all i get from them. 3 separate tickets have been sent.
Plenty more i cant remember, but once they are suggested i will remember

What happens when it crashes:
Usually just black screens, kicks me out of my game to the desktop. Sound will keep playing until i end task. SOMETIMES i can load the game right back in, but 9/10 times i get an instant error on the load screens. Rebooting will allow it to boot up again (in some games like Apex, i can get back in the game in a few minutes)

Sometimes i get the green screens, audio remains but monitors not displaying anything. I have to hard reboot my PC when this happens. All appears find after - these mostly stopped after reinstalling Windows, so that might have been the fault there

Forced reboots - these are the rarest, but i just had one yesterday. It black screens and stays that way, then PC reboots itself


I'm just at a loss, it's getting really frustrating. Now when it happens, it completely kills my mood and I just go lay down and watch TV. Is there anything else I could try that would fix this? And as I said, you might suggest things i have done, I just forgot about it. Just typing this up i added several things by looking up other forums again. The only components I haven't swapped out left are the MOBO, CPU, and GPU. If the 24 hr test says the GPU is fine (which is suspect still), then MOBO and CPU are next. At that point ill have an entirely new PC.
Jul 10, 2021
I have always left it on let application decide if available. I think its default in most cases

I used to have the crashes when Chrome was open, and i noticed that (i use other monitor for builds for games or something), but after making sure it was closed before starting a game the crashes still happened. I've had the game crashes when nothing else is opened on my PC but the game. Last night i had a crash using Google Maps with several other tabs open. I tried to go to street view and got a black screen and it shut Chrome down. No game or anything was on, was literally just a web browser open. Using Microsoft Edge or Firefox has not changed anything either. But i doubt its a web browsers issue if the games crash without a browser open