Question Edge opens multiple times a second in safe mode, fresh OS, non-touchscreen

Sir Ramsis

Oct 5, 2016
Hey everyone,

I am stumped. I have a laptop that keeps opening Microsoft Edge multiple times per second at semi-random intervals. So fast you cannot access anything else; about 2-10 times a second (could even be seizure inducing).

Here's what I've tried and know:
  1. It still happens in Safe Mode.
  2. It is a laptop that is NOT touchscreen.
  3. I installed a brand new HDD and installed Windows 10 fresh.
  4. Reformatted and tried again without letting the installer update.
  5. Disconnected the keyboard and touchpad.
  6. For kicks and giggles I reseated the RAM and removed the wifi card.

Yet everything I try it still is opening Edge multiple times a second at semi-random intervals.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Is each opened window exactly the same or different? E.g., all go to "Google" , or "Bing". Same default website or different websites/pages?

Laptop specs: make and model?

Windows 10, Edition and version? Source?

CTRL + N opens a new Edge Window.


So something is emulating that key combination.

Are you able at all to go into Task Manager or Resource Monitor to see what is running?